Thief 1

Posted by: bigmamma1

Thief 1 - 06/10/03 08:52 AM

Just got this one loaded up- I think it's gonna be a looong game. Am at mission 1 in the mansion sneaking around.I like it because sneaking is more fun than shooting, altho the arrows do come in handy sometimes.
Would appreciate any and all opinions from those who have played this one. or who are playing it. wave
Posted by: jasper

Re: Thief 1 - 06/10/03 12:51 PM

My opinion, possibly echoed by others here on GBoomers: smile I'm glad you found one of the best PC games released in the 20th century. It and its sequel(s) and the fan missions will provide you with many hours of stealthy fun.

Posted by: Pokey

Re: Thief 1 - 06/10/03 02:08 PM

The good advice I got when I started playing Thief was to play on expert. This opens up a few more areas of the game and I didn't think it was any harder than normal. I would much rather use my blackjack than the sword or bow anyway.
Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Thief 1 - 06/10/03 05:31 PM

Did you know they have removed the sword from Thief 3? Figured not many used it anyway. Instead, they have a dagger now...suits me fine.
Posted by: joanieS

Re: Thief 1 - 06/11/03 08:54 AM

Oh, you are so lucky to be starting Thief! My very very favorite game series. I agree on the choice of not having to fight. That is what makes it special.
Pokey is right about always playing on expert. So much more adventure there.
Don't mind about losing the sword except it sure came in handy for knocking open wooden doors and such. Hope the dagger will suffice for that. Otherwise they need to include a crowbar with my game.
Posted by: hagatha

Re: Thief 1 - 06/11/03 07:07 PM

Actually, you shouldn't really fight in Thief - it's kind of contrary to the premise of the game. Sneaking rules! Plus Garrett dies very easily in combat. Blackjacking is so much more satisfying, and it makes a heckofa lot less noise.

Happy taffing. This is one fine series, and one a lot of go back to again and again. Also, when you've finished, there's always those fan missions. But you still have Thief 2 to get through.....
Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Thief 1 - 06/12/03 02:06 AM

Am I the only one who practically knock out every single guard in every single mission? Hide in the shadows, then I run up behind them and *knock*. In the end of a mission, I usually dont have to worry about guards at all.
Posted by: joanieS

Re: Thief 1 - 06/12/03 06:28 AM

No, Drizzt, you are NOT alone! That's my first objective. Knock out everybody and then explore in peace and quiet. Never, never kill a human.
Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Thief 1 - 06/12/03 09:18 AM

Umm, well sometimes I sneak up behind them with the sword and kill them, too. Or they might turn around just when I am there, and then I have to cut them down. After that, of course, I use water arrows to wash away the blood.
Posted by: Raj

Re: Thief 1 - 06/13/03 01:41 AM

Gee... I thought the sword was just for slashing banners and finding secret stuff!

I gotta try those fan missions! That sounds FAN-tastic!

Thief 1 seems sooo much harder than Thief 2. As a result, for me anyhow, Thief 2 is more enjoyable.

I have tried to play the missions through on the easy (normal) setting the first time through because I'm anxious to see the "plot". But... having just found a bunch of secrets by spending days on a single mission while we waited for another gamer to re-format her computer and join us... It's great to have so much game left in a... um... game!

Anyone here suggest any other good sneaky/stealthy games for a combat nincompoop like me?
Posted by: Singer

Re: Thief 1 - 06/13/03 09:14 AM

Raj, you're not going to find any BETTER than the Thief series for stealth games. But there are a few other "pure" sneakers around. Prisoner of War can be bought for a song most places these days. Inquisition has been released in Europe, and will be hitting North America any time now.

Depending on how you play it, Deus Ex can be a fabulous stealth game (you can also choose to run and gun your way, but that's not necessary).

Splinter Cell has a ton of sneaking, but there's definitely more combat in that one. But if you can handle a gaming gun at all, I'd highly recommend it!! Fabulous game.

Of course, between the two retail Thief games and some fan missions, you might just find it easier to wait for Thief 3. laugh

Posted by: bigmamma1

Re: Thief 1 - 06/13/03 09:40 AM

Hello again, fellow taffers-
Am now in level 3, been thru the mine,exploring around, found some hidden lakes, ladders, strange elevators,wierd machines( is this really the middle ages?) the factory plus some loot. Am pretty good at getting past the zombies, but havn't perfected the fine art of bonking with the blackjack-they have to be really slow, drunk or have back turned before I can get'em. Am just about to get into the prison.
Also, the guards in the mansion could be felled by arrows, but the hammerites in the mine seem to be unaffected by arrows-they just keep on coming. the blackjack seems to be the only thing that works on them IF you can sneak up in time.

Any hints on how to sneak up on 'em in time to knock 'em out would be much appreciated.
This is a fun game and a challenge to boot.
Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Thief 1 - 06/13/03 10:00 AM

Stay in the shadows, watch your step, and strike when they turn away from you, that
Posted by: Pokey

Re: Thief 1 - 06/13/03 12:56 PM

Probably the easiest way would be to sneak by them when they are not looking, if it is possible. If you are near water, they drown easily--just lure them into it.
Posted by: hagatha

Re: Thief 1 - 06/13/03 07:21 PM

Use your water arrows to douse the lamps and sneak up very quietly to knock them out. YOu can often figure out where to stand after you watch the gurads patrol - they usually have a set area to patrol and if you find a nice dark place on the edge of their route you can catch them unawares.

While I have ghosted many of the missions in Thief and Thief 2 I still prefer to make sure no-one is left standing by the time I leave. I also leave every door open when I leave. This is my way of Garret letting his targets know what he thinks of their security systems.

I reccomend not trying to kill anyone (monsters are fair game as is any undead humanoid) as that generally will get you killed too - the enemy will shout and you'll find yourself surrounded in no time. You'll get the timing of the blackjack swing soon enough.
Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Thief 1 - 06/14/03 03:59 AM

Not if you hit them from behind with a sword
Posted by: bigmamma1

Re: Thief 1 - 06/14/03 01:09 PM

THANK YOU all for you encouragement and advice!
Have to tell you that I'm getting a little better at sneaking up and bonking with the blackjack-really the best way of getting the hammerites out of the way. I did finally figure out they must have good armour, as I only managed to kill one with an arrow. Also blew up 2 or 3 zombies with holy water arrows-what a relief to get rid of those nasty characters.
Have finished level 3.(It seems that if you play in "normal" mode, when you get the final objective you don't have to find your way back out) I would sort of like the challenge of that, but on the other hand it's nice to get on through the game faster. I did manage to pick up most of the loot tho-got $1285 out of $1938.
Onward now, into the Bonehoard, level 4.
Posted by: Carolin

Re: Thief 1 - 06/14/03 01:35 PM

It is great that you likes the game.
I got it, and tried to play, but the spiders made me quite very fast.
I can't stand them, so, back in the box with "NEVER to be played games", (that box isn't big, just Thief 1 and 2 and Resident Evil 3-Nemesis is in it right now)

Posted by: joanieS

Re: Thief 1 - 06/14/03 03:50 PM

Pahleeeeeze, Carolin, get those boxes out again. You are missing such great games.
Have to admit, the first time I played Thief I too quit and left it for months. But, during a game dry spell got Thief I out, upped the gamma thing so I could see, and have been hooked ever since.
The worst for me, too, is the spiders. However, they die with one well-aimed arrow or just outrun them. If you are talking about the BIG spiders, be sure to wait until they turn their big butts toward you and hit them where it hurts.
Posted by: hagatha

Re: Thief 1 - 06/15/03 03:13 PM

All of the monsters in the game can be deadly if you don't approach them correctly. The best way to proceed is slowly and quietly, so you see those spiders or whatever before they see (or hear) you. A well- aimed arrow will take care of any spider in the game, but if you're running around and making lots of noise, they'll hear you. Also, if there's a torch near a nest of spiders, douse it so you can get closer for that shot. Sounds obvious, but often in the thick of the game it's easy to forget that sound is a huge part of the game - both in hearing enemies approach, and in them hearing you.
Posted by: bigmamma1

Re: Thief 1 - 06/15/03 04:13 PM

I have to say theat spiders are the least of my worries in this game! It's the zombies that creep me out, altho they are fairly easy to outrun. I only met up wit 1 spider in level 3 and easily dispatched it with an arrow.

Have just entered level 4-the Bonehoard. There are also Burricks in here. are they worse than zombies? can you bonk them or get them with an arrow? I think I encountered one already(it got me) so now have to go back and try again.

Very true, Hagartha, sound is crucial in this game-not making a noise can often get you past a danger situation.
Posted by: hagatha

Re: Thief 1 - 06/16/03 12:35 AM

Burricks can be dealt with a number of ways. They are tough, but if you sneak up behind them with your sword and give them a good whack, they sometimes just crumple. If not, you get the satisfaction of listening to them whine as you take them out. Or you can just sneak past them but chances are they'll see you. You can also take them out with arrows but that can be tricky and you'd better be a ways off.

Personally, I would rather run into a lone burrick than a room full of zombies. But as you get into this particular mission, you'll find that there is a rather fun way of getting rid of a lot of zombies if you have the patience and the inclination (and I always do because I hate them).
Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Thief 1 - 06/16/03 05:51 AM

Anyone else have a huge spider phobia in games? For some reason, I almost panic when I see the disgusting little creeps. Good for me its no problem in real life though.
Posted by: bigmamma1

Re: Thief 1 - 06/16/03 09:13 AM

By now I have encountered Burricks by the carload and been axphixiated by the nasty critters-in that huge cave with all the different tunnels. Am trying to climb up that rope which goes up into a tunnel of some kind-think it's significant because there's an arrow mark sort of pointing to it. Every time I try to climb the rope a burrick grts me. AAARGH! That nasty green breath of theirs.

Is it possible to sneak up on them from behind? That's what I'll try next.

Drizzt, I'm not bothered by real spiders but I know some people go nuts at the sight of one. I do hate 'em in games tho-they're so sneaky and hard to see and can cause major health damage.
Posted by: jasper

Re: Thief 1 - 06/16/03 10:20 AM

You can also sneak up behind burricks and blackjack them--then you don't have to hear them whining and crying until you finally whack them enough with your sword to kill them. And when you blackjack them, you don't have to actually be close enough to whack them on the head--the tail will do. smile

Posted by: joanieS

Re: Thief 1 - 06/17/03 05:27 PM

I never knew that. Blackjack burricks? Dang, I have been using up fire arrows all these years. What one doesn't learn on GAMEBOOMERS!
Posted by: hagatha

Re: Thief 1 - 06/18/03 07:22 PM

Yep. Almost anything (except zombies and Fire Elementals) can be dispatched with the appropriate sneaky smack on the back of the head with the sword.

'Course you can always get things to attack each other, too (my personal favourite way of getting rid of burricks and ratmen)
Posted by: bigmamma1

Re: Thief 1 - 06/19/03 08:35 AM

Level 4- The Bonehoard! Burricks and Zombies-is there a level harder than this? The burricks are easier to just avoid and get around them somehow-the ones in the cave never seem to run out of green gas. AAARGH!@@@#**#!!*Never could get them with sword or blackjack. the arrows didn't work at all. However the lone Burrick up at top of ladder in the great halls guarding the purple vases seemed to run out of green gas after a few puffs and I did put him out with many whacks of the sword-and lost some health.

As for the zombies-they can be dispached with holy water arrows and fire arrows. Also you can find a strategic spot where they can't get you and fire away from there until most are blown up-makes for a more relaxing search of that vast area of confusing mazes and ramps.

BTW-hagartha, how do you get things to attack each other??

Now entering level 5 Assassins.