Zork Nemesis (again)

Posted by: desertlilac

Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/15/03 07:34 PM

Have successfully installed this game on winxp and moved some of my saved games. Problem I am having is an unconrollable cursor. Have set mouse to very slow movement but it did not correct the problem. The cursor does not move slowly across the screen but jumps from place to place so that you cannot look around a window with any comfort or fine search movements.

Anyone know what I might do to correct this? Did not have this problem on win98. Am getting dizzy tryig to follow the cursor arrow. <img border="0" alt="woozy" title="" src="graemlins/woozy.gif" />
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Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/15/03 08:08 PM

Does the (again) in the title mean you already have a thread going on Zork Nemesis?

Try lowering your video acceleration, this action helps the cursor or mouse movement.

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Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/15/03 08:56 PM

No sorry about that lack of explanation - again means I am playing the game again to see it on winxp. Will try lowering the video acceleration and see how I make out. Thanks Mag
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Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/15/03 09:21 PM

I tried various hardware acceleration points but as I lowered it, it seemed to have little effect and at the lower points I could not access the cursor at all.

I take it I am in the right window for hardware acceleration adjustment. Went to right click the screen then to properties then settings then advance then trouble shoot which brought up a window with hardware acceleration slider. So now am at a loss as to what to do.

Going through a door can be murder because the cursor jumps to the right or the left and one has to work and work to just hit the door right. Playing a whole game that way would soon tire one out. smile
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Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/15/03 09:28 PM


I will move this thread to Glitches and the experts there will get you through!

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Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/15/03 09:47 PM

Hi ya' Lilac............I am no expert, for darn sure, but I would think that Zork Nemesis might present some problems with Win98. However,if you have another mouse, you might see if it works better. When my cursor starts jumping all over the screen it usually means the mouse is giving up the ghost! Worth a thought anyway.

Witchen whistle
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Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/15/03 10:24 PM

Had not thought of the mouse caving in. It seems to work well with other games but one never knows - might try another mouse I have just to see if it is worth the effort. I loved this game - probably my all time favorite and want to see if I can get it to work on WinXP. It worked well on win98.
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Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/16/03 10:08 AM

Reinstalled Nemesis back on Win98 and the cursor problems no longer exist. Contacted the Web site Activision to see what further suggestions they might have. But maybe Zork N. just does not like WinXP.
Posted by: SuMac

Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/16/03 06:17 PM

Desert Lilac, did you check Inferno's website to see if it is XP compatable? I think she has it listed, with the necessary steps to tweek your machine for playing Zork Nemesis.
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Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/18/03 10:24 AM

Thanks SuMac will check her site again - thought I had tweeked all she suggested but may have missed something. I did upgrade my graphics driver and it helped slightly but not much. Also the website has yet to reply to my dilemma. If I ever find out the solution will post for others to benefit by if they have the same problem.
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Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/23/03 10:57 PM

I finally sweated it out and got through the first disk of this game even though the panning was a chore. When I went to change disks - my PC locked up. Tried several times but each time it locks up. So now another problem. Inferno has ZorkN listed as compatible with WinXP so not sure what I need to do further to get my little ole PC to cooperate. Will just have to experiment a bit. Does anyone know if Inferno answers e-mails re such issues or is she too busy to get so involved?
Posted by: Rae

Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/23/03 11:11 PM


We are having this same discussion up in Adventure Games Discussions...I played this on XP just a week ago. The cursor did move a little fast at times but nothing like what you and Soren have described. Did you change your monitor settings as Inferno had recommended? Check her website on this page: Zork Nemesis setup

It is vital that you have the drivers she mentions and that you change your compatibility settings. Let me know if you need more help.
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Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/24/03 08:31 PM

I will try what you suggest and be back if I have more problems. Thanks for your tips.
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Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/28/03 04:38 PM

I have done everything Inferno has suggested but all do not work on my PC which is WinXP Pro. I even have the same video card as Inferno, just a grade up from her.

I let the game install itself - no problem. But the swift panning still persists and unable to change disks without my PC freezing up.

Have downloaded Vesa Driver, VDM Sound and trying to find VDM Launchpad and correct version to go with VDM sound and turbo.

My question is when you install these on your PC do they interfer with the workings of your PC? Or are they directed to the game and only work there?

I do not like to add programs to my PC that I do not quite know how to handle or just what they will do to the rest of the workings of my PC.

Can you suggest anything more? Have done everything around settings, compatibility, hardware acceleration - all to no avail.
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Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/28/03 11:01 PM

Help help - have downloaded CPU killer program but am not sure how to use it. I start the program and just guess at about how far to push the slider re my PCU. But everytime I return to the program to stop it, it has already shut off. Do not know if that means it does not hold after I start it or not. So far have had no results with it - must not be using it correctly. Has anyone had any experience with this?
Posted by: Rae

Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/28/03 11:18 PM

You must add the Zork Nemesis exe. file (the one you click on to play) to the CPU killer window. When you open CPU killer, click on the red down arrow on the right side. Click add, and find the game program. Once it is added, click start and then click the game file you just added and choose launch.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/28/03 11:43 PM

Ah ha - thought I was goofing it up somewhere!!! Back to the old drawing board and I do thank you Rae. If this gets me up and going I will be for ever indebted to you. Should I send money, kisses or food? smile
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Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/29/03 05:17 PM

To Rae: (again) Am in the process of fine tuning the CPU Killer Program for my PC and have one question and one concern:

Question - should one use the slider to choose a number for your PC re slowing it down, or use the "tune to your computer" option under File?

Concern: Another GBer has said he used CPU Killer and it messed up his PC so badly he is going to have to do a restore. Now I am afraid to contine - should I be? Has anyone else reported such problems?
Posted by: desertlilac

Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/29/03 05:50 PM

Very disappointed and discouraged. Was in the process of testing CPU Killer and thus far it did NOT do anything for my disk changing problem. Maybe more adjustments would have but I now get a message I must register the program after only a few hours of testing and buy it as I understand their message. So I can no longer test it to see if I can get it to work and thus be of use.

Certainly do not want to buy a program that is not working for me - don't understand their rationale. Anyone else having this experience? frown
Posted by: Magician

Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/29/03 06:50 PM

I've only used CPU Killer once, and didn't like it so I deleted it, so I can't answer specific questions - but it shouldn't mess up your computer so much that a restore is needed. I am not sure what happened there.

It is a shareware, so you're not obligated to pay for it if you choose not to use it after the trial.

I am still stumped at your problem... maybe it's an issue with the CD-ROM driver perhaps? Is there a later CD-ROM driver that you could install?
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/29/03 09:14 PM

I've never tried CPUKiller, but I've never heard of it messing up anyone's computer before. Not that it couldn't happen of course, but I wonder if something else could have messed up the computer at the same time by coincidence. But if you don't like CPUKiller, just uninstall it. You're under no obligation to buy shareware if you don't want it.
Posted by: desertlilac

Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/29/03 09:55 PM

Not sure what happened around the PC that Killer messed up - fiend did not specify. I do know I can simply uninstall the program - was just disappointed that the trail period was too short to give one a chance to test it. And Magician, will try updating the driver - have an all new PC but guess that does not mean all the drivers are updated. Thanks guys for trying to help. Hope I do not wear out my welcome with this game and its problems. smile
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/29/03 10:11 PM

Unfortunately when they update drivers they usually aren't too concerned with whether they work with 7-year-old games.
Posted by: Rae

Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/29/03 11:15 PM

I've only used the CPU killer once, on Liath, which did not help the problem I was having, but I did not realize it had such a short "life". It hasn't caused any problems on my computer. I am not having the severe disk changing problem with Nemesis, however, just the same one that Inferno and others have noted. And my panning was fine, unlike the posts here and in HELP. So, I'm afraid I'm not being too helpful. Maybe the MoSlo program??? What does Jenny think?
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/29/03 11:35 PM

MoSlo is for DOS, so there isn't much use for it on a Windows XP computer. Even if there were, if CPUKiller didn't help with the CD changing problem it isn't likely MoSlo would either. Both of them effectively make the computer run slower and do nothing else. So if one doesn't help the problem the other won't either.
Posted by: desertlilac

Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 06/30/03 10:16 AM

Sure do appreciate all the input and support. Will keep plugging away at this game and if and when I ever do resolve the two main issues - fast panning and disk changing problems will certainly post my resolution for others to see and perhaps use also.
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Re: Zork Nemesis (again) - 07/10/03 01:28 PM

Hi Y'all
Just popped in from the Twilight zone here in the Big D.
I've been bizarro busy the past few weeks and this is really the first time in almost a month that I've found sometime to go online.

It's very important that you make sure the you are not running this game in a "Window" it needs to be run "Maximized" to optimize the Vesa driver.

I also had the same problem with my cursor having ADD! wink ...I found that turbo worked the best for me at 25% speed. Make sure that you have your keyboard unloaded as well (if it is a preprogramable one). Accelerations should be set at 3 and 1 (video/audio)
You do need the patches as well.

As Always:
Inferno devil