KERNEL32.DLL problem

Posted by: AdventureGamer

KERNEL32.DLL problem - 06/29/03 04:13 PM

I have problem with some games (like BladeRunner, NBA Live 2003...)when starting games i get error something like 'Invalid Page Fault ... kernel32.dll'(NBA Live 2003). That kernel32.dll i meet when playing BladeRunner too. I tried everything, I formatted windows lot of times but error was still there when playing these games.If anyone knows how to fix this please tell me!!! frown
Posted by: Magician

Re: KERNEL32.DLL problem - 06/29/03 06:55 PM

Is it a bug with the game in its incompatibility with XP (or whatever OS you're using? I am assuming you're using XP because that seems to be the standard these days)...

Have you tried looking for a patch for those games also and installed them?
Posted by: tigger

Re: KERNEL32.DLL problem - 06/30/03 02:51 AM

Try this page... type in kernel32.dll in the search box on the left hand side then you will get a Big list of help topics!!

microsoft technical database


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Posted by: AdventureGamer

Re: KERNEL32.DLL problem - 06/30/03 10:21 AM

I will try games with patches, but I think the problem is with my virtual memory.
Posted by: Polo

Re: KERNEL32.DLL problem - 06/30/03 11:24 AM

Its mostly a Windows 9x based problem, do you ahve alot of programs running in the background or in the taskbar ie antivirus software, quicktime, realplayer and all the other add junk that Kazaa and Morpheous install along with it?

check Start>Run>MSCONFIG

Posted by: AdventureGamer

Re: KERNEL32.DLL problem - 07/01/03 06:14 PM

No, I am not using any background programs. I formatted disk 4-5 times and then installed that games and they but error was still there.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: KERNEL32.DLL problem - 07/01/03 10:27 PM

Is it an XP computer? If it is you could try using compatibility mode and doing things Inferno recommends like turning off advanced text services.
Posted by: Polo

Re: KERNEL32.DLL problem - 07/02/03 09:20 AM

id check your memory... could be damaged... if you have any other spare RAM try it out and see if that works...

Posted by: AdventureGamer

Re: KERNEL32.DLL problem - 07/03/03 12:17 PM

I'm using WindowsME, but how to check memory?
Posted by: syd

Re: KERNEL32.DLL problem - 07/03/03 12:24 PM

Polo is talking about actually opening up your computer and replacing one of the sticks with a spare if you have one available.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: KERNEL32.DLL problem - 07/03/03 02:11 PM

Another thing you can do is download memtest86 and let it run its tests overnight.

You run it from a floppy. It has its own little OS that fits nicely on the floppy and it doesn't matter whether you're using DOS, Win 98, Win XP, or Linux on your computer because memtest86 doesn't use your hard drive. It checks your memory for you.
Posted by: Zoly

Re: KERNEL32.DLL problem - 07/03/03 02:24 PM

It could also be some kind of incompatibility between your OS and your hardware. Is your mother board correctly installed? (Are your motherboard's drivers certified for Windows ME?) Do you see any warnings in the Device Manager?

Ultimately, you could try another Windows version. ME is probably (IMHO) the worst OS you could ever have the misfortune of being unable to avoid using. laugh

Posted by: AdventureGamer

Re: KERNEL32.DLL problem - 07/04/03 10:53 AM

I used Win98, Win98SE, WinME and Win2000 and error was still there. I'm going to try this memory test.
Posted by: Polo

Re: KERNEL32.DLL problem - 07/04/03 12:44 PM

Aye the memory sticks, check em to see if they may have just failed... if you get it on all OS's then chances are its hardware...

Posted by: AdventureGamer

Re: KERNEL32.DLL problem - 07/05/03 12:29 PM

I will check them. I'm sure that my hardware is not working OK.

Thanks for helping