Broken Sword 3 Problem

Posted by: floridagal

Broken Sword 3 Problem - 12/08/03 09:21 AM

Has anyone had the same problem as I have had? The game takes quite a long time to load and after it is loaded and I try to play (the code was entered), I get a white screen with a blue band at the top with a Revolution Software sign on it. On the right side of the band is an X which doesn't work. The only way I can get out of it is to shut down and start over. Ctrl, alt, del also doen't work. I don't like to do that as I have to wait for the machine to check my drive. Any suggestions?
Posted by: Albert

Re: Broken Sword 3 Problem - 12/08/03 10:22 AM

I'm having the exact same problem, and apparently a fair number of others are too. Check out the forums at and . I filled out a tech support form at Dreamcatcher describing the problem, and got this response:

Thank you for your e-mail.

If you continue to experience problems please go into your "Display Settings" and change the refresh rate on your monitor to 60 Hrz. To change that:
Click Start and choose Run... Type in "dxdiag" (without the quotes).
Click the Tab that says "More Help" (far right).
Click the "Override" button.

Also change the resolution of your desktop to 800 x 600. Please then start the game and within the game you can change the resolution etc. to your preferred view. Once you have exited the game you can change your monitor settings back to whatever your default is.

Another thing that can fix Broken Sword from freezing up is changing the hardware acceleration on the sound tab. Verify you have the newest drivers as well but also try changing the acceleration going to maximum and lowering a notch and trying the game each time.
Thank you for contacting Technical Support.

Apparently this has worked for others, but not for me. Next they asked me to run the DirectX diagnostic tool, save the results, and email the file to them. I haven't heard back from them yet. I'd try the suggestions in their first email. If that doesn't work, I'd suggest heading over to Dreamcatcher for tech support.

Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Broken Sword 3 Problem - 12/08/03 12:25 PM

Thank you for the suggestions.
Please let us know if they find a solution for you.
Posted by: Becky

Re: Broken Sword 3 Problem - 12/08/03 01:54 PM

Yes, definitely let us know! I'll try whatever other suggestions they give you.
Posted by: Albert

Re: Broken Sword 3 Problem - 12/08/03 06:32 PM

Here's the latest response from Dreamcatcher:

Hello Albert,

Thank you for your email.

Your sound card driver is over 3 years old please get the latest driver
from creative labs. Then:

Reducing Hardware acceleration may help with game play, do the

1) click the start button
2) Click on run
3) type run
4) Click on the tab that reads sound
5) Then it should bring up the "Standard Acceleration" window
6) Move the slider for "Standard Acceleration" one notch to the left
7) Then attempt to launch the game

Repeat steps 1 - 7 to get the game to work.

If you still require assistance, please contact me.

I have a SoundBlaster Live 5.1 soundcard, and I think I have the latest drivers. I tried to download the latest and greatest from Creative to make sure, but their website is misbehaving this evening. Has anyone with an SB Live card gotton this game to run? If not, folks with an SB Live card might want to be wary of this one.

Posted by: asazen

Re: Broken Sword 3 Problem - 12/08/03 07:52 PM

I have a SoundBlaster Live sound card and the game is lauching and running ok

Posted by: Albert

Re: Broken Sword 3 Problem - 12/08/03 08:30 PM

Thanks Asazen. I've confirmed I have the latest North American release of the SB Live drivers (for Win98SE), version 4.12.0001.0906 dated 9/19/2000. Do you know what version of the drivers you have?

Posted by: floridagal

Re: Broken Sword 3 Problem - 12/09/03 08:58 PM

I didn't try any of the above suggestions. I just decided to try something else. Since I have the luxury of two hard drives (win 98 and XP) I tried installing BS3 on my XP drive and it has worked great. Now, the only problem I have had is that the game unexpectedly "freezes" and I have to go back to a previous save. From now on, I will save more frequently.
Lots of luck to any one with problems.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Broken Sword 3 Problem - 12/09/03 11:35 PM

Reducing audio acceleration is supposed to help with the freezes.
Posted by: Becky

Re: Broken Sword 3 Problem - 12/10/03 06:27 AM

Strange. I can't get it to run in XP, whereas floridigal got it to work by switching TO XP -- so it doesn't seem to be the OS that's the problem. Why would installing it on a different hard drive make a difference? It's extremely odd.
Posted by: floridagal

Re: Broken Sword 3 Problem - 12/12/03 02:14 PM

I have a feeling that Adventure Company games tend to "goof" each other up. I noticed that the icons get scrambled when installing a different game from the Adventure Company. Maybe something else gets scrambled, too. When I installed it to my XP, there were no Adventure Company games on that drive. Let me know if anyone else has had a problem with too many Adventure Company games on the same drive.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Broken Sword 3 Problem - 12/12/03 02:28 PM

There are some Nancy Drew games that you can't have installed at the same time. I think Haunted Mansion and Royal Tower were like this. And you had to uninstall the first part of Legend of the Prophet before you could install the second part (Secrets of Alamut).

I usually uninstall games once I'm done with them, so I'm not aware of any other possible conflicts (other than games that use different QuickTime versions, but that's not limited to Dreamcatcher games).