Starship Titanic

Posted by: gameho

Starship Titanic - 07/10/03 02:50 PM

I just received Starship Titanic and installed it with no problems (full install) on Windows ME. However, when the first playable screen comes up, all I see is this room with a big black space underneath it; apparently this is where some interface bar is supposed to be. I also get a hand to get the CDS but I can't pick them up. I have to Control Escape to exit because I don't have a menu. I have turned my color to 16-bit and even tried turning my hardware accelerator all the way down. This doesn't seem to work. Can someone help me with this problem? Thanks in advance,

Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Starship Titanic - 07/10/03 03:08 PM

How far into the game have you played. I don't think you get an actual save screen until you're on the ship. I played the game so long ago that I can't remember for sure, but I don't think you're really able to do anything like collect inventory or save until you're on the ship. Are you able to click on things at all? I think you have to keep clicking around until you trigger the cut scene.
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Re: Starship Titanic - 07/10/03 03:25 PM

I am at the very beginning. I can turn on the computer and eject the CD drive on the computer. However, I can't pick up the CDS next to the computer even though I get a hand icon on it.


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Re: Starship Titanic - 07/10/03 03:40 PM

Unfortunately I can't remember exactly what I did at the beginning. I do remember I eventually had to put the CD in the CD drive (the one in the game) but I don't remember if I had to do anything else first. It's been over 3 years since I played the game.

Has anyone else reading this played it more recently?

There's a patch, though as far as I can tell it's for a crash to desktop at the start of the game, which is not your problem.
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Re: Starship Titanic - 07/10/03 04:32 PM

I just looked in the manual and it says to go to the computer & click on the CD drawer & it will open.

Then drag the Starship Titanic CD which is on the desk into the computer. The CD drawer closes.

The game starts.
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Re: Starship Titanic - 07/10/03 04:59 PM

Thanks, I just figured that drag the CD. I was trying to pick it up and it was getting so frustrating! Yet again, I bothered you guys with something so stupid. I'm sorry. You guys are the greatest!