Jack the Ripper problems

Posted by: crazy lady

Jack the Ripper problems - 04/04/04 09:32 PM

I downloaded the game and got as far as the first flash scene just after I picked up the 2nd sketch drawing and it freezes up before the flash scene starts.Just sits there I have to exit to windows to get out of it. help!!
Posted by: infernoj13usa

Re: Jack the Ripper problems - 04/04/04 11:14 PM

You can have absolutley no background programs running. Turn off your screensaver as well.

In the compatibility mode, under properties I checked the last two settings.
Display --> Disable visual themes
Input Settings--> Turn off advanced text services for this program.

You need to Change your Computer settings and increase your paging files if the game is running slowly or crashes are apparent.

Also I found it ran without a crash or glitch if you increase your paging file, and reset your Performance Options. (Right Click on My Computer-->Properties-->Advanced)

Mine are set to the following:
Visual Effects: Adjust for best Performance
Advanced: Processor Scheduling--> Programs
Memory Usage--> Programs
Virtual Memory (this is your Paging File)
minimum = 768MB
maximum = 1536MB

I've also chosen to turn off System Restore while playing these games. But that is just my preference.

As far as Jack the Ripper itself.. in the Game options I would recommend having this setting:

Screen Resolution:
32bit Color

Visual Effects:
uncheck: Shadows and antialiasing

Check or uncheck
extra characters
(I've found these make little or no difference)

uncheck lock cursor
(I have my setting just to the left of medium

Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Jack the Ripper problems - 04/05/04 12:51 PM

Did you "download" it or install it?
Posted by: crazy lady

Re: Jack the Ripper problems - 04/06/04 05:53 PM

I installed it. I used the adjustments Inferno gave me and it worked!! I'll hang on to them for next time. Thanks!