Posted by: Bert

BS3 - 12/16/03 07:21 PM

My Game seems to install fine, but when it checks the disc for copy protection the progress bar goes about halfway, the screen flashes grey and goes to desktop. Have emailed tech-support, but thought I would post here to see if anyone has had the same problem....and if so, how did you fix it? Thanx...
Posted by: Becky

Re: BS3 - 12/16/03 07:36 PM

Bert -- this sounds very similar to a problem I've been having. There's a FAQ thread on the Revolution tech support forum that you can check out here . Most of these tweaks are easy to do, though I have hesitated at the idea of using old video card drivers -- this strikes me as having to go to far just to get a game to play.
Posted by: Becky

Re: BS3 - 12/16/03 07:40 PM

There's also another thread in this forum where people are having a similar problem .

I'm hoping that Revolution figures out what's going on soon and issues a patch. It is really frustrating not to be able to play this game!
Posted by: Bert

Re: BS3 - 12/16/03 08:21 PM

Thanx for the links Becky, There where a couple solutions I had'nt tried, But no such luck they did'nt work either. I'll just have to wait for tech-support to reply. If they come up with something that works, I'll post on this thread.
Thanx again.....
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: BS3 - 12/17/03 12:33 AM

If the progress bar on the copy "protection" isn't getting all the way across, it sounds more like a copy "protection" problem incompatibility than anything else.

Now if the progress bar got all the way across and THEN you got a black screen or some other problem, then I'd suspect it could be due to another cause.
Posted by: Becky

Re: BS3 - 12/17/03 11:32 AM

Jenny100 -- someone on the Revolution tech support board with this same problem has just discovered that in the registry entry for BS3, the refresh rate is set to 0. (Wasn't there another game recently with this problem? Journey to the Center of the Earth maybe?)

Anyway, he has posted steps to edit the registry to set the refresh rate at 60. I've never edited the registry before. Do you think I should try this, or wait for the patch?
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: BS3 - 12/17/03 02:18 PM

Yes it was Journey to the Center of the Earth that had the refresh rate wrong. But with Journey, the game started and played fine other than the videos. And it wasn't that you'd get a black screen or anything on the videos. They'd play, but they'd be all jerky and spastic. The problem wasn't with the copy "protection" preventing the game from starting (I don't know what type of copy "protection" Journey uses).

Are you talking about this thread , Becky?

That guy had a slightly different symptom from Bert's problem. Dagor said the game froze with a blank window on his desktop, not that "when it checks the disc for copy protection the progress bar goes about halfway, the screen flashes grey and goes to desktop."

If you're having a problem similar to Dagor's, it might be a good idea to check your registry. But if the game isn't even getting past the copy "protection," you'd need a crack.
Posted by: Becky

Re: BS3 - 12/17/03 03:06 PM

Jenny100 -- I should read more carefully! Yes, as far as I can tell, the game on my computer DOES get past copy protection.

What is your opinion of a rank amateur editing the registry? I've never done it before and it scares me to death.
Posted by: Bert

Re: BS3 - 12/17/03 05:08 PM

Well I heard back from adventure companies tech-support, And they said I need to update my video and possibly my audio card. I thought I had a 64meg video card, but I dragged out the paperwork on my puter and its 32megs. I guess I'll just save the game for another month or year....bummer...
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: BS3 - 12/18/03 12:10 AM

Becky, you can back up your registry first if you're going to make changes.

You may also just want to look and see what's there.
If you can't figure out what needs changing, it would be best to just leave it.
Posted by: Becky

Re: BS3 - 12/18/03 07:31 AM

Jenny100 -- is regedit the only way to look at the registry? Or is there a way to look at it that doesn't give you the option of also editing (so you can't accidentally change anything)?.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: BS3 - 12/18/03 09:57 AM

There may be some utilities that allow you to look at it, but I don't know of them.

Regedit is not so bad. Just don't change or delete anything.
Posted by: Bert

Re: BS3 - 12/20/03 07:10 PM

Just an update...., I ended up updating my video driver through windows update, and the game works!!! now...shame on tech support for trying to get me to buy a new video card..They must have stock in the companies that produce them...
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: BS3 - 12/20/03 11:08 PM

It will be interesting to see if you're able to play the game all the way through with a 32 MB video card. I can't blame Dreamcatcher for suggesting you get a 64 MB card when Revolution, the company that created the game, said it needed a 64 MB card.

Good luck.
Posted by: Bert

Re: BS3 - 12/21/03 08:44 AM

Gee, Thanx for that optomistic spirit there jenny.... Hope you have a merry christmas....
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: BS3 - 12/21/03 04:11 PM

Sorry. I don't mean to be pessimistic. Some people got Syberia to work with a 4 MB video card even though a minimum of a 16 MB video card was listed on the box. But fully 3D games tend to be more fussy.

If you do get through the game OK with the 32 MB card I hope you'll tell us about it.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: BS3 - 01/09/04 04:17 PM

I can install the game, but it won't play at all.
I've got an NVIDIA TNT2 64, with current drivers installed and a fast Pentium with plenty of space. I went to the Revolution boards and took some of the suggestions like dialing down the sound to basic acceleration, but nothing works. It tells me that BINK32.dll isn't installed, but I think that the link must just be broken because I can see that file on my C: drive. Any suggestions? I'd really like BS3 to be more than an expensive coaster.

Posted by: Jenny100

Re: BS3 - 01/09/04 07:11 PM

I think BS3 needs a card that can do hardware T&L.
The TNT2 can't. The Geforce 2 is the earliest model of NVidia card that could do hardware T&L.

If anyone has been able to get BS3 working with a TNT2 video card, feel free to speak up.