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Autorun/Autoplay - 10/30/03 02:00 AM

Hopefully someone can help me with this. My computer used to auto start anything that was put into the CD drive, now it won't. It is not that much of a biggie cause I can do it manually, but does anyone know how to enable this again. I have no idea why it is disabled, but it is. It would really be nice to just pop in the cd and have it start on its own. They all used to and now they won't. Help anyone?
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Re: Autorun/Autoplay - 10/30/03 02:17 AM

Try to update your cd driver as this might be your problem.
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Thanks Grandpa, from a Grandma, but how and where, it is the same damned drive that has been in this computer since I bought it two years ago. So why did it suddenly decide to no longer work? It does everything else right, is there somewhere on the computer that I can enable, since it seems to be disable? frown rolleyes
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If you are using win 98, then this page may help!!


It tells you how to switch autoplay Off, so just do the opposite!!

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I gather this was caused by a wonderful Microsft "security" update! Like everyone else, I never changed anything but suddenly to install a game I have to click run/browse/ and find the "install" on the games CD ....... not urgent but irritating. blush )
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I have Windows ME, I did check about the drivers in the device manager and it says they are fine. The auto notification box is checked. I may have gotten a security update a few days ago, I did redo the one for system restore as that hadn't been working either. I find it very annoying to have to look through everything to find the right one to click on. Sometimes it is install, sometimes setup, pain in the neck.
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if you go to the page I gave you, then select a new search, putting in autoplay and ME in the search box instead of win 98 you just may get some answers!!

As this search gave me..

registry tweaks

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Re: Autorun/Autoplay - 10/30/03 02:09 PM;en-us;312475&Product=winme

Here is the pertinent article form MS Knowledge Base.

Do not try to update your CD-ROM driver, they do not need a driver as a rule.

Not it was not the security update that turned off your aoutorun, some programs do that.

Back up your registry before you do anything with it.

Go to Run>regedit>OK

Make sure that all the keys are closed and you can only see the little comupter.

Go to file> export registry>save.

Now you are safe and can follow the above directions.

I you make a mistake you can follow the export directions and import ther registry back.

Just make sure that you always Close All Keys.
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Great minds.. same link I gave!!

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Thanks everyone, I will give that a try, I printed out the information on backup the registry and restoring it, also the info on what to do in there. It makes me a bit nervous, but I have to learn sometime. A couple of weeks back I did have a message that the registry was messed up, that is when I got the awful graphics, but I was able to use my startup disc and did scanreg/fix, it said it did, but I guess not that part. For the graphics I had to manually remove umpteen devices, then F5 in Bios to restore default settings. Where do you people learn all this stuff, when I go into the knowledge base, I never find what I am looking for. Thanks
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Like you, I never find what I want in one of those "knowledge base" things. As for where do we learn all're learning the same way many, maybe most of us, do. laugh

For a long time I had the kid next door keeping my PC straight. Then he grew up, found girls, and he's hard to catch. Luckily I was wise enough to make him slow down and let me see what he was doing to the PC to fix it those last couple of years I could still get him on it. Now, although I don't need near as much help as before I still come here when I'm stuck. If you find my post you'll know I'm stuck with a screen that suddenly goes black and sometimes the computer cuts off and reboots and it does this one day and may wait a week or more for the next time. Just happened a few minutes ago and it had been a couple of days before that it happened and five days before that when it happened. Intermittent troubles are the devil laugh
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rolleyes Well that makes me feel better, though I did wonder why it came without a manual, did not realize I had to learn so much stuff!! I saw your posts on the blackout monitor and it reminded me of a computer a friend gave to me. It had windows 95 and the hard drive was stuffed to the gills. I had no idea what I could or couldn't remove. I wanted to reformat it and reinstall the Windows 95 OS that I bought on eBay. I just didn't know how and it was having problems staying online long enough for me to find out. Meanwhile I bought this one, so gave up on the oldy. It was having bad problems with blacking the screen, more so online, than doing something offline. It would black out constantly and I had to keep turning the monitor back on. I do not know if it was the computer or the monitor at fault or both. I finally got McAfee back on it and scanned the computer, it was full of uncleanable viruses, so I dumped the whole thing. Now that I am aware of help from forums, I could have fixed the darned thing and use it for games. Live and learn laugh