Posted by: Billy the Kid 64

URU - 04/06/04 12:42 PM

Hope somebody can help me to play this game? I was able to install this game okay, but everytime I press the play button it crashes to the desktop.I called ubisoft they told me to download the latest Direct X 9.0 Did this and other patches to no advail. Anybody have any ideas. Was able to run demo from internet okay. Thanks
Posted by: MDAMLADY

Re: URU - 04/06/04 12:53 PM

There's somemore updates to DirectX9.0 such as a & b.

But your video card drivers may need to updated also, you don't say which ones you have.

Nvidia has a new update since March. I'm not sure about the others.

I had to upgrade my drivers to play URU and the Xpack.