MJ 2: aaaaahhhh!!!!

Posted by: Maelstrom

MJ 2: aaaaahhhh!!!! - 12/30/03 04:14 AM

Hi. I got Mysterious Journey 2 for the holidays with high expectations, and I can't even play this thing without it freezing. It freezes during gameplay, especially in the beginning. I reinstalled it and all, and it still freezes. My computer is very fast, and has plenty of space on the harddrive, so that isn't a problem. Anyone else have this problem, or anyone have a solution?

Posted by: Jenny100

Re: MJ 2: aaaaahhhh!!!! - 12/30/03 02:02 PM

What video card do you have?
Some people are having problems because of their video card not being adequate.
Posted by: infernoj13usa

Re: MJ 2: aaaaahhhh!!!! - 12/30/03 08:20 PM

You may also have another program running in the background which could also be causing the problem. WHich operating system are you running
Posted by: Maelstrom

Re: MJ 2: aaaaahhhh!!!! - 12/30/03 11:46 PM

My video card is a NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4600

I am currently running Windows XP. It still freezes without other programs running.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: MJ 2: aaaaahhhh!!!! - 12/30/03 11:58 PM

It might be a driver problem. If the latest drivers aren't working, you might try going back to version 44.03.

If your computer is really fast, you might also try backing off a notch from full acceleration.
Posted by: floridagal

Re: MJ 2: aaaaahhhh!!!! - 01/17/04 07:58 PM

I am also having a problem with "freezing". I am using win 98 with plenty of hard drive space and 638mb RAM. I also have an Athlon 650 MHz processor. I'm getting really tired of having to re-start my computer every time it freezes and having to wait while it does a scan disc. Is there any patch that might take care of the problem?
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: MJ 2: aaaaahhhh!!!! - 01/17/04 10:28 PM

The minimum specs call for an 800 MHz computer.
That's probably why your 650 MHz computer is freezing. MJ2 is a very demanding game.
Posted by: floridagal

Re: MJ 2: aaaaahhhh!!!! - 01/21/04 08:34 AM

Any suggestions on how to upgrade without investing in a whole new computer? I did upgrade my RAM, but don't know how to upgrade my Athlon processor.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: MJ 2: aaaaahhhh!!!! - 01/21/04 01:05 PM

Upgrading a processor is a lot more complicated than adding RAM. You have to first take the fan and the heatsink off the processor, then remove the old processor, then put the new one in, then put a thin layer of thermal paste on the processor, then reattach the heat sink and fan. You have to be very careful about grounding yourself so you don't damage the electronics with a static burst. You also have to be careful not to crack the processor when you apply the heat sink and fasten it down. I've never changed a processor myself. I've only watched my brother install a new one. I'm not able to do this myself because my hands aren't strong and steady enough to apply even, constant pressure to the screwdriver while attaching the heatsink. Even if you have someone to install the processor for you, its speed would be limited by what your motherboard could tolerate. If you decide to try to upgrade the processor, first find out the maximum speed processor that your motherboard will take. You may also need an additional case fan to take care of the extra heat a faster processor will generate.

You might be able to add a new video card, if your motherboard and power supply will support one. But for a game like MJ2, that probably won't be enough.
Posted by: Maelstrom

Re: MJ 2: aaaaahhhh!!!! - 01/31/04 09:57 PM

Alright, I updated my drivers to the latest offered on the NVIDIA site. Now instead of freezing where I have to reboot, it freezes periodically and unfreezes, making gameplay very difficult. I got my computer from Compaq, so I'm going try to downloading the drivers on their site for my specific computer. I've got the list of their drivers for my computer right here , but I don't know which one I need to download. Any advice on which one(s) to download is greatly appreciated.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: MJ 2: aaaaahhhh!!!! - 02/01/04 11:21 AM

Make sure your graphics acceleration is set to full.

I can't tell if the freezing is being caused by the video card or not. Is your paging file set to be large enough?

It seems strange that you were able to play Uru, but are having this much trouble with MJ2.

You might try asking in the Dreamcatcher/TAC tech support forum .
Sorry I can't be of more help.