Journey Problems

Posted by: Glynn

Journey Problems - 10/31/03 11:00 PM

Hi all...I installed Journey and got it to run for a few minutes, couldn't save a game so I shut it down, when I tried to run it again I got the message "check video adapter drivers" I have d/loaded the latest drivers, defraged, closed all programs, sent an email to frogwares and their ans. was to download latest drivers.. any ideas anyone??? I have WinXP 2.26GHz, 512mb, NVIDIA GeForce4 [32mb] the only other problem I have had is when I first start up my computer, I get a "Quick time" error that says "there is no disk in drive E" how can I check this out? I am sure I have more than one version of quick time..could this be the problem?? Thanks for any help..Glynn
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Journey Problems - 10/31/03 11:22 PM

Journey doesn't use QuickTime. So I don't think the QuickTime problem is related to the problem with Journey.

Are you playing a game that uses QuickTime?
Did you have the QuickTime problem before starting Journey?

As for the Journey problem, it sounds like the older drivers were better - at least for this particular game. NVidia puts out new drivers so often that I doubt the game was tested with the latest version of the drivers. In fact, the latest drivers seem to be from October 23, so I know the game wasn't tested with the latest drivers. Do you know which version of the drivers you had before? Do you think you can reinstall the older ones?

What did the game do when you tried to save? Did you see a little screenshot of where you were appear when you clicked on one of the little frames? It's after you click the frame and see the screenshot that you click where it says Save.
Posted by: Glynn

Re: Journey Problems - 10/31/03 11:53 PM

Jenny...I am playing Black Mirror and Danger on Deception Island...I have Omega Stone and a "few" others loaded so I'm quite sure some of them use QuickTime. I had the problem with QT before loading Journey..that started a couple of weeks ago..actually the error message is "qttask.exe-no disk"
I don't know which drivers I had before I did the windows update today...I wouldn't know how to install the older drivers, but I had installed Journey before I updated.. I don't know why it worked the first time I installed it..but when I quit the game, the next time I tried to play, it came up with the error message "check Video adapter drivers" When I tried to save [hit ESC], clicked on the tv, the 3 save game windows came up, but I couldn't click on them..{no picture in there either] I did uninstall and reinstall the game that didn't change anything.... Thanks so much Jenny! Glynn
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Journey Problems - 11/01/03 01:27 AM

Danger on Deception Island and Omega Stone don't use QuickTime. It must be one of the other games that does. I've never gotten that particular error. It may have happened because a QuickTime game crashed and didn't close down properly. I've never seen that error, but then I don't have XP.

I thought the "check Video adapter drivers" error happened after you updated the drivers. That's why I thought the older drivers might be better. If the game wouldn't play even with the older drivers, I guess the new ones didn't cause the problem.

Do you have XP set to auto-update? There was a recent XP security update that seems to have caused problems with some games.

Make sure the version of the drivers that you are using are for the version of DirectX you have installed.

Since you have XP, you might try installing and playing the game in compatibility mode. The game works in Win 2000, so you might try installing and playing it in Win 2000 compatibility mode as well as the usual Win 98 compatibility mode.
Posted by: Glynn

Re: Journey Problems - 11/01/03 07:00 AM

No, I don't have XP set to auto-update, but I downloaded that security update when I was notified. I have the latest drivers and I just updated DirectX yesterday also. Not sure how to check if they are compatable! I will try installing in the compatability mode..I didn't even think of doing that, since it's supposed to work in XP! Thanks Jenny..will give that a try and let you know, in case someone else has the same problem! Glynn
Posted by: Glynn

Re: Journey Problems - 11/01/03 08:27 AM

Jenny....I used the compatability mode {2000} and got the game to work...I can't click on the icon on the desktop, or click on the cd drive and get it going, but I can go into prog. files and open it up from there..The only problem is...I still can't save a game! Thanks for your help..will keep trying! Glynn
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Journey Problems - 11/01/03 01:21 PM

Well, at least that's some progress.
I wonder if you'd be able to load saves if someone sent you some.

I think this game will need a patch.
Posted by: Glynn

Re: Journey Problems - 11/01/03 03:13 PM

I just can't figure out what the problem is...when I go to the save windows, nothing shows up in those three windows I so "dense" that I am missing something?? Seems simple enough, click on ESC then click on one of the windows to save...right?? Thanks Jenny for putting up with me! :-) Glynn
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Journey Problems - 11/01/03 04:03 PM

I don't think the picture shows up until you click on the frame you want to save it in.

You click on escape, then on the TV set/monitor thing that's in the room. Text should appear that says Save/Load (or something like that) when you put your cursor over the TV/monitor thing. And when you click on it you get a little interface with 3 frames in it. When you click on one of them and click Save, you should see the little picture of your location. Then you click Back to get to the main screen.

The frame should highlight a little when you click on it, but it may be hard to see. You may not see the picture appear until after you click on Save.
Posted by: Glynn

Re: Journey Problems - 11/02/03 03:35 PM

Well...I tried it again and couldn't get it to play at I am going to put it away until I finish "Black Mirror" then try it again [if I haven't gotten "Conspiracies" by then :-)] Thanks for your help! Maybe I will have better luck with it when I finish some of the other games I have loaded...Glynn
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Journey Problems - 11/02/03 03:42 PM

That's weird. It sounded like the compatibility mode had fixed the problem with it not playing, but now it's happening all over again.

I wish you luck. I really don't know what the problem could be. It should be more predictable than this, but it seems it only runs when it wants to.