Post Mortem still can't play

Posted by: joanie39

Post Mortem still can't play - 01/14/04 12:42 PM

Hi All, I am still not able play this game. frown It seems to load all right but when I try to play it, I get Software Protection Error and I'm asked to put in the disc when it is already there. I have WinXP. Direx 9.0.Nvidia Geforce 4. If this helps any. Any Ideas? <img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" /> Thank You!Luv, Joanie
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Post Mortem still can't play - 01/14/04 02:04 PM

What make of CD drive?
I think that's where your problem is - the copy "protection" on the CD doesn't like your drive.
Does the computer have another CD drive you can try playing it from?
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Re: Post Mortem still can't play - 01/14/04 05:18 PM

I believe she might have already tried that, Jenny100. Previous thread

joanie: Did you try contacting Microids or The Adventure Company to see what they recommend try (if trying the game on another CD device didn't work)?

Posted by: joanie39

Re: Post Mortem still can't play - 01/14/04 06:01 PM

Sorry for not getting back to you great people sooner but I did a Microsoft update and the whole computer crashed. I had to factory restore and lost everything.
I e-mailed The Adventure Company but so far no reply.
Jenny,you know me and my smarts with the computer. Let's see,here's what I found.HP Pavilion 061-Intel(R)-Pentium(R)4CPU-512MB RAM.Is that the information you wanted? If not, if you tell me where to find it, I will.
Your help is so appreciated. Thank you both.Luv, Joanie
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Post Mortem still can't play - 01/14/04 11:24 PM

I don't have XP and don't know how to look up what the CD drive is in XP. In Win 98, you right-click My Computer, then Properties, then Device Manager tab, and then click the + next to where it says CDROM to see what's listed there. You may also see your CD drive listed when you boot up the computer.

I suppose it isn't the make of the drive so much as that you get that message when you try to start the game. You might want to inform Dreamcatcher what make CD drive you have.

If you want to know more about your computer's specs, you might try downloading a utility like Sandra, which identifies what is in your computer. The version here seems to be a shareware version.
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Re: Post Mortem still can't play - 01/15/04 12:01 AM

Hi, Joanie
I think this is what you should do to find out what your CD-ROM type is:
Start--Right click on My Computer--select Properties--choose "hardware" tab--select "device manager"--click on the plus sign to the left of CD/DVD drive.
Write down the things that are listed under that and then you can tell us what they are.
Beth (Edited to add: As I read Jenny's post again, it looks like she has written just what I did for XP, so it looks like it is the same for either version of windows. Sorry for the repeat, Jenny100!)
Posted by: joanie39

Re: Post Mortem still can't play - 01/15/04 02:30 PM

Hi I'm back! I followed the instructions and this is what was there.ATAPI CDROM 48X
HP DVD WRITER 300C. I hope this makes sense to you guys. It's like another language to me! I hope this is the informatiion you asked for.Luv, Joanie
P.S. Thank you for that site Jenny!
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Post Mortem still can't play - 01/15/04 03:01 PM

Was that one drive or two?
If you have two drives, have you tried installing and running the game from the other one?
Posted by: joanie39

Re: Post Mortem still can't play - 01/15/04 05:08 PM

That is two drives. yes and I tried it on my other XP too with no luck. Thank you for all the help. Once hubby is not so busy, I may sneak the game into his business computer to see if it works there. I will let you know how I make out but it will be a while. Thanks again. Luv, Joanie
I will try that site after finishing MJ2, which I had no trouble loading and seems to be playing just fine. Knock wood!!
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Post Mortem still can't play - 01/15/04 05:27 PM

If it's not working on ANY drives, you may have a defective CD. It sounds like you've tried it on at least 3 different drives. Unless they're all the same model, I would have thought at least one of them would work.
Posted by: infernoj13usa

Re: Post Mortem still can't play - 01/18/04 11:22 AM

Hi joanie39:

I had the same difficulty loading Post Mortem myself. The Copy protection program dosen't like "copy programs" (CD Writer programs) And doesn't care for CDRW drives either. Make sure those are either disabled or not present. Also make sure that after the install you add the patch, which you can downlaod here... Post Portem Service Pack 1 patch When this is done then locate your .exe file, and make sure that it has the following checked under Properties--> Compatibility tab:
a Display Settings: Disable visual themes.
b Imput Settings: Turn off advanced text services for this program

Inferno smile