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Lighthouse - 07/25/03 10:43 AM

I am trying to load Lighthouse The Dark Being (Sierra 1996) on my Windows ME.
The message appears "Game Error-integer divide by 0". Has anyone any idea,please,what this means.
Perhaps it is not suitable for ME ?
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Re: Lighthouse - 07/25/03 01:10 PM

Yes, I have had this problem with several older Sierra games. I believe that it is a problem with dealing with faster processors. I got information from Sierra on how to get around it. (my problem was with their pinball and minigolf games but it was the same "divide by zero" message).
I don't have the details here with me at work (shhh....) but essentially you had to remove a couple of files and install by hand, more or less.
If no one posts a fix, I'll try to find it at home this evening and post it here.
Ed A
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Re: Lighthouse - 07/25/03 02:45 PM

I believe this is the result of trying to use Sierra's computer "test." It was made to test pre-Pentium computers and is totally confused by modern computers.

When installing all Sierra games of that era, decline when asked if you want "Install" to test your computer and tell it to install anyway. You already know that your computer exceeds the game's requirements.

If you've already tried installing using this test, you may have difficulty getting everything uninstalled so you can try again. Some remnant files may have to be deleted manually. Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly what they were -- Sierra.ini maybe. Hopefully, Ed A can help here.
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Re: Lighthouse - 07/25/03 03:19 PM

Thanks Guys, I too have been having trouble with the older Sierra games.
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Re: Lighthouse - 07/25/03 03:38 PM

This is from Sierra's support site. It is from a reply on a different game, but it looks identical to the procedure that they gave me for my problem.

The bottom section is not familiar and seems to deal specifically with Lord of the Realm 2 but the rest should work.

Ed A
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Re: Lighthouse - 07/25/03 06:06 PM

Just finished dinner and checked the link above - didn't take me to where I thought it would, sigh..

Here is what Sierra told me:

This problem is the result of the installation program being unable to detect
certain processors, especially the newer and faster ones. There is a two-step
procedure to resolve the issue. The first step is to delete the SIERRA.INI file.
To do this:

1) Click the Start button, go to Find, and select Files or Folders.
2) In the Find All Files window, type SIERRA.INI in the Named field.
3) Make sure the Look In field is set to the C: drive. If it does not, click the
downward-pointing arrow to the right of the Look In field and select C: from the
drop-down menu.
4) Click the Find Now button. A file marked SIERRA or SIERRA.INI will appear
after a moment in the bottom screen.
5) Click once on the word SIERRA to highlight the file.
6) Go to the File menu and select Delete.
7) When the warning box about sending the file to the Recycle Bin pops up,
click the Yes button.

The next step is to perform a modified version of the installation process.
To do this:

1) Go to the Start button and select Shut Down.
2) Select Restart the Computer and click Yes.
3) When the system has rebooted, go to the Start button and choose Run.
4) In the Open field, type X:\SETUP [for X, substitute the letter of the
CD-ROM drive] and click OK.
5) Click Install on the screen that appears.
6) Click Install on the Sierra installation screen.
7) At the prompt to perform a system test, click No.
8) Ignore the system test results and click Yes to continue.

At this point the installation will proceed normally.
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Re: Lighthouse - 07/26/03 09:54 AM

Thank you, EdA, that confirms what I was trying to say above.

Syd: Can you file this thread away somewhere so that you can find it again? This problem pops up quite often when gamers are trying to install older Sierra games.
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I just noticed there are 2 different posters here:

EdA, #450 and
Ed A, #2555

What's going on? Is it the same boomer with a double registration or 2 different ones?


Looked at both profiles and they seem similar enough that it's probably the same gamer with a double registration.
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From looking at the two profiles, it appears to be the same person registered twice. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" />
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It looks like one message was posted from work and one was posted from home. He probably just forgot his password when he was at his work computer and reregistered under a slightly different name.
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At long last I have been found out...
Congratulations, Jenny100 on correctly deciphering the problem. Sorry if there is some confusion
Ed A aka EdA