RING - Setup?

Posted by: Geronimo

RING - Setup? - 05/25/04 08:38 PM

I played "Ring 2" & enjoyed it, so thought I would try the earlier "Ring" on my XP. Boy, this a new one on me because when I go to install from disc 1, there is NO exe icon to install from, it is just not there. Is there a patch? Thanks for any help.
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Posted by: krkdnose

Re: RING - Setup? - 05/25/04 09:16 PM

Are you sure it's disc 1??

My disc 1 has an autorun.exe and a setup.exe, both of which can be used to install the game.

What's on your disc 1?
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Re: RING - Setup? - 05/25/04 10:00 PM

Nope, no exe files of any kind. My son works for a computer software company & is pretty computer-savvy & he looked "six ways to Sunday" & found NO way to install this game, it simply is not there. From your message, I know it is supposed to be there. What next? Call Cryo or Arxel Tribe I guess. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" /> Thanks for your input.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: RING - Setup? - 05/26/04 12:01 AM

What files ARE on the CD?

My Ring game has


and there are 4 folders


If your game has none of these files on the first CD, it is either a very different version or a CD is mislabelled as CD1.
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Re: RING - Setup? - 05/26/04 08:39 AM

Jenny is most likely correct...it's probably a mislabled CD. Have you checked out any of the other CDs to see if they have an installation executable file on them?

Also compare the contents of your CD1 with the rest of the CDs to see if it is indeed a mislabeled duplicate of one of the other CDs.
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Re: RING - Setup? - 05/26/04 08:58 AM

What a shame the music alone is worth it.
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Re: RING - Setup? - 05/26/04 10:27 AM

Eureka! happydance The Setup turned up on Disc#6. Be interesting to know how many other Ring games out there are mislabeled. Anyway, thank you all for suggestions, thumbsup just glad it turned out to be something simple (how different!).
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Re: RING - Setup? - 05/26/04 12:39 PM

Guess I spoke too soon. Now the game won't install because it says I don't have enough available space, which is not true, got tons of space. Just noticed in the manual tho .... "This is a Win95 game & cannot be played on Win NT Systems". DUH! Does that mean I can't play this on XP or tweak somehow to play on XP?
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: RING - Setup? - 05/26/04 01:59 PM

Inferno got Ring to work on her XP system.
You might try changing the Setup to Win 98 compatibility mode before installing to see if that makes a difference.
Another possibility is if your hard drive is too large for the game to detect it. Inferno talks about how to use a utility called "Philips" that makes your hard drive appear smaller to the game in her Atlantis: Lost Tales setup .
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Re: RING - Setup? - 05/26/04 06:48 PM

Thanks Jenny,
Haven't got the game disc in now, but looking at this extracted "philip.exe" file first. It appears to have blanks to be typed in & not sure what to enter. If I have any success I will let you know. thanks again!
Posted by: infernoj13usa

Re: RING - Setup? - 05/26/04 07:28 PM

Type in the remaining size of your hardrive less 2gigs. Then install your game. After the install
just close the phillips program and your computer hard drive size will return to its original size.
It works well this older games that cannot recognize a Hard drive of more then 2 GIGs.

Read the setup for Atlantis about Phillips.exe
It explains exactly how to set up the Phillips.exe program complete with graphics.
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Re: RING - Setup? - 05/27/04 12:06 PM

I used your setup for philip.exe, & although Ring decided it didn't need it after all, it is a good file to keep on hand. Thank you so much for your wise counsel! thanks
Finally got Ring to load, but getting game to launch is another matter. It asks for disc1, but doesn't respond to disc1 or any of the other 5. I have tried everything I know to do & think I will bail out of this game for a while (at least til my blood pressure comes down mad ) Thank you for taking the time to try help me out with this. wink Geronimo
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: RING - Setup? - 05/27/04 06:23 PM

You have a strange edition of the game. The setup file is on CD1 and not CD6 with most peoples' versions. I wonder if there's a way to use a CD emulation program with this game.
Posted by: Cathy1

Re: RING - Setup? - 06/11/04 02:07 AM

Are you talking about Ring from Arxel Tribe and Cryo ? My version (which is the original has only 4 cd's). I've played it on win ME with no trouble at all. It just threw me when you said you had 6 cd's.
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Re: RING - Setup? - 06/11/04 12:50 PM

It looks as tho there is a newer version than the one I've got then. Wish I had known this before trading for it. Never did get mine going so will keep my eye out for the 4 discer. Thanks for that bit of info!
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: RING - Setup? - 06/11/04 01:14 PM

My Ring game also has 4 CD's.
I don't know how "original" it is because it is a US version and I think the game was first published in Europe. Also, I didn't buy it when it first came out. I would have thought a 6 CD version would be more likely to be "original," and that the 4 CD version just used more efficient data compression techniques.