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Singles - 06/03/04 08:32 PM

I am trying to play Singles but the the message:


Not sure what this means and what to do.


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Re: Singles - 06/03/04 09:48 PM

I found the following required system specs for Singles:


System Requirements

The minimum system requirements are as follows:

COMPUTER: IBM PC or 100% compatible
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Re: Singles - 06/04/04 08:09 PM

How do I check my video card?
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Singles - 06/04/04 10:20 PM

If you have Win 95, 98, or ME, right-click the My Computer icon on your desktop and choose Properties from the menu. On the Device Manager tab click the + next to where it says Display. Your video card should be listed there.

DXDIAG may also list it. Click the Start button on the lower left of your screen, then Run. Type
in the box and OK it. Look on the Display tab for information about your video card.
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Re: Singles - 06/04/04 11:05 PM

Says Intel graphics 64MB 800x600 32 bit
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Re: Singles - 06/05/04 01:40 PM

That would be an onboard card (built into the motherboard) and not a separate video card. Onboard cards borrow memory from the system RAM (memory) instead of having the memory in the card itself. So if your computer has a total of 256 MB of system RAM, and the onboard card says 64 MB, it is borrowing 64 MB off that 256 MB for use by the video card, leaving you with 192 MB of RAM for the rest of the computer.

Some games have trouble with onboard cards and don't detect video memory unless it's built into the card. I think that's what that error message you have means - that Singles needs a separate video card with its own video RAM.
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Re: Singles - 06/16/04 07:26 PM