Posted by: Teddo

Stymied - 06/04/04 04:12 PM

I'm so disappointed. Waiting for new games to come out, I purchased Black Dahlia, Dark Seed, Dark of the Moon and Legend of the Prophet and Assassin and Broken Sword II.

I cannot install Black Dahlia or Dark Seed.

I was really liking Dark of the Moon and cannot get beyond a crash point about half way through.
I finished Legend of the Prophet and have crashed half way through The Assassin. The same goes for Broken Sword II.

I am playing on a 98. I've never had this problem before. I've defragged, cleaned disc and cleaned the registry. I've stopped all running backround programs.

Anybody have a suggestion?

Posted by: BillyBob

Re: Stymied - 06/04/04 05:42 PM

Correct resoulution? Adjusted Audio and/or Video acceleration? laugh
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Stymied - 06/04/04 10:53 PM

It's hard to guess what might be wrong with so little information. How fast is your computer? How many MHz (or GHz)? What type of video card do you have? What sound card? What CD drive?

Have you checked your CD's to see if they have any marks or fingerprints on them?

How have you tried to install Black Dahlia and Dark Seed? Have you tried installing them directly from the Setup or Install program or have you been trying to use the autoplay? Dark Seed is a DOS game and I don't know how well it plays in Windows. But Black Dahlia is a Windows game and should work.

As for the problems with Dark Side of the Moon, Legend of the Prophet, and BS2, do the crashes repeat in the same place every time you restart the game from your save? Be sure to reboot after crashes if you try this. Sometimes it doesn't matter and sometimes it clears corruption out of the cache that could cause another crash.

If Billybob's suggestions don't work, you may be able to get help playing past the crashing places by swapping saves with someone else who has the game. You send them your latest save and they play past the problem area, save, and send you that save.
Posted by: Chance

Re: Stymied - 06/04/04 11:03 PM

Black Dahlia is Win95. I played in using WinXP using compatability mode for Win95. Could that be the problem? Just a thought.

Thx Chance
Posted by: infernoj13usa

Re: Stymied - 06/05/04 09:04 AM

I don't believe Windows 98 uses compatibility mode. It has to be something else conflicting with it.

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Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Stymied - 06/05/04 01:53 PM

Black Dahlia works fine in Win 98.
Whatever the problem is, it isn't the OS.
Posted by: Teddo

Re: Stymied - 06/06/04 02:08 PM

Thanks for all your replies. I hate to sound so stupid, but I don't understand all this technical stuff.

Here's what I could gather:

Windows 98 - 2nd Edition
Pentium II

I also have:

Windows XP
Falcon Northwest
Talon 4.5
AMD Athlon XP 1900+
1.60 GHZ
512 MB of RAM
Pentium III

I've been looking for this "compatibility" place for ages and don't know where it is. Could anyone help me find it? Perhaps I, too, could play Black Dahlia.

Thanks for your help - Teddo
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Stymied - 06/06/04 04:59 PM

In XP, right-click the program executable and choose Properties. Look at the tabs in the interface that appears. One of them should have something about compatibility.

You didn't say how fast your Win 98 computer is, though I guess a PII would be somewhere between 233 and 450 MHz. The Esswood PCI card is not good news for DOS games - so bad news for Dark Seed. But it should work for Windows games. What happens when you try to install Black Dahlia on that computer? Any error messages?

As for the problem with Dark Side of the Moon, try emailing me your latest saved game and I'll see if I can play you past the trouble spot. Also tell me what you want me to do with it. If there's a door you want me to go through, but the game crashes when you go through the door, send me the save right before going through the door.
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Re: Stymied - 06/12/04 05:13 PM

Inferno -

Thanks for Belarc. This is a real gift. I am amazed at your resources. - Teddo -