Z:GI vs. XP

Posted by: Grueslayer

Z:GI vs. XP - 06/29/04 04:22 PM

Others have no problems to get ZGI to work under XP. I do. Upon reaching the 100% mark the installation routine complains "w95inf32.dll not found". Which is in the system32-dir where it belongs. Does anyone have an idea what might be wrong with my system?
Posted by: fov

Re: Z:GI vs. XP - 06/29/04 04:29 PM

I haven't tried installing this game yet - but, have you tried putting the installer in win95 compatibility mode before you install?

Posted by: lasanidine

Re: Z:GI vs. XP - 07/01/04 10:48 AM

It should work fine in the compatibility mode.
Make sure that you used it with both the installer and the *exe file.

It worked for me on XP/Pro.
Posted by: Grueslayer

Re: Z:GI vs. XP - 07/02/04 12:51 AM

Doesnt' work for me frown frown I tried W95 compat, W98 compat, both full and typical installation - it keeps requesting w95inf32.dll.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Z:GI vs. XP - 07/02/04 02:51 AM

Do you have that file?
It comes with Win 98 as well as Win 95.
I don't know if putting it in your Windows folder or your Windows\System folder would help. But it's a small file and wouldn't be hard to send by email if you wanted to see if having it made a difference.
Posted by: Grueslayer

Re: Z:GI vs. XP - 07/02/04 12:52 PM

Unfortunately the file is right where it belongs. Too bad... Guess I'll never be able to play it again until I reinstall Windows frown
Posted by: lasanidine

Re: Z:GI vs. XP - 07/03/04 02:25 PM

Your file may be damaged. You can download one from the web. Go look for it in Google, I had to do the same thing once. When you get it copy it onto the old file and see what happens.