Aura Issues

Posted by: AutumnAngel

Aura Issues - 08/24/04 07:33 PM

Hi everyone. Just got a copy of Aura today and am having trouble installing it. I have five other games installed on my machine and so I'm wondering if that could be the problem....

What happens is I put in the cd, it spins up, but does not do auto-run. So I right click on the the logo for Aura that's connected to my cd-rom drive but nothing happens. Whether I double click it or right click and then click on Setup, either way, everything just freezes and I have to do a control-alt-delete to unfreeze it.

I don't know alot about my specs as far as how much space I have on the harddrive, but I could find out by giving my husband a call if you guys would need that. Otherwise, all I know is that we have a Pentium 3, Windows XP, and whatever the fastest CD ROM drive is. smile

Thanks so much you guys, any help would be appreciated!

Posted by: Melanie1

Re: Aura Issues - 08/24/04 08:51 PM

Hi Tracy,

Make sure your background programs like screen savers, anti-virus, anti-pest, etc are not running first before trying to install. There's a thread at the top of glitches telling you how to shut down running programs.

Try going to my computer/right-click/explore.

Left-click once on your cd drive/ you should see folders and/or an install or a setup or an .exe file. (I don't have this game, so am not sure which it is.) Try left-clicking on it. If nothing happens, try right-clicking & choosing install. It should install.

I hope that works for you.

Posted by: AutumnAngel

Re: Aura Issues - 08/24/04 09:41 PM

Thanks Melanie. I'm going to give that a shot tonight. smile

Posted by: Melanie1

Re: Aura Issues - 08/25/04 12:12 AM

Good luck, Tracy!

Let us know whether it works or not, so one of the real techs here can help you if you still need it.

Posted by: kwbridge

Re: Aura Issues - 08/25/04 06:55 AM

I had the same problem and it ended up being my firewall software that was causing the problem. Once I shut that down Aura installed without a problem.
Posted by: reza

Re: Aura Issues - 09/02/04 03:27 AM

I have a problem
When i go to thw spirit world for the first time; another click to move forward... and it get out to desktop. I have used the patch but it does not work. I wonder if anyone can help me.
if you have savegames right after that area you con help me with sendig it to me