Posted by: Linda H

Sanitarium - 08/18/03 06:28 PM

I have recently purchased from E-Bay Auction, the PC game, Sanitarium. Do you think that I will need a patch for that particular game, if so, where could I get one? I have Gateway-Windows ME!

Thank you for your help!

Posted by: granny

Re: Sanitarium - 08/18/03 08:58 PM

There was a patch for Chapter Two that fixed an invisable cursor, I had to reclick the patch for the HIVE Chapter as well.
I don't know if the $9.-- re-release needs a patch or not.
Someone will be along that can give you the link to a 'Patch' site.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Sanitarium - 08/18/03 09:18 PM

If it's from an auction, it might be the original version and need the patch. You can get the patch here

or at
Posted by: BacardiJim

Re: Sanitarium - 08/18/03 10:54 PM

I'm into Chapter 5 on the new version. I took a chance and didn't install the patch and Chapter 2 ran just fine. I guess XS must have included it in this re-release. smile
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Sanitarium - 08/18/03 11:11 PM

My Sanitarium game is not the most recent release, but it was patched. So I don't see why the recent rerelease wouldn't have been patched. Still, there's no telling which version Linda is getting on ebay.

The patch (sanipatch1.exe) is a self-extracting zipped file that unzips to be scn.006
You unzip it to your game folder.

In my case, it was identical to the file by that name that I already had. So it wouldn't have mattered if I'd "patched" my game or not. I'd have been replacing that file with the same thing. But with earlier versions of Sanitarium, it would have replaced the faulty file.
Posted by: flutist

Re: Sanitarium - 08/19/03 12:41 PM

How can I tell which version I have?
Posted by: BacardiJim

Re: Sanitarium - 08/19/03 12:44 PM

Go to the game folder. If there is a Readme, it likely says in there. Or you can right-click on the main game .exe file, select Properties, then click the "Version" tab.

The newest version also had a red XS on the bottom-front of the discs.
Posted by: flutist

Re: Sanitarium - 08/19/03 12:48 PM

I guess I have the new version. It has a red SX on the lower right corner of the box. Thanks BJ
Posted by: BacardiJim

Re: Sanitarium - 08/19/03 12:51 PM

No problem. smile That means you don't need the patch, but it also means that if you spent more than $10 on it you got ripped off, since that's what it retails for.

Hope you enjoy it! It's one of the best adventure games ever.
Posted by: flutist

Re: Sanitarium - 08/19/03 02:03 PM

I paid $9.14 at Wal Mart.