Alida crashes

Posted by: rmelone

Alida crashes - 08/28/04 03:18 PM

I have been having a problem with the game 'Alida' crashing back to the desktop with a Windows error message popping up.

I did a full install so the game is not using a CD drive.

The problem seems to be random.

Following is my system information:

ASUS A7V333 Motherboard
OS = Win Xp Pro
Processor = AMD Athlon XP 1.6 ghz
HD = 40 gig
RAM = 512 mb
Graphics = NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 Ultra
Sound = Creative Audigy Audio Processor

Here's the error information:

MODVER: 5.1.2600.1217 OFFSET: 000080C9

Has anyone else experienced a problem with Alida and does anyone have any ideas what the problem might be?


Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Alida crashes - 08/28/04 04:28 PM

You might want to try changing your QuickTime video settings to QuickTime Safe Mode (GDI only). There should be a QuickTime icon in your Windows Control Panel. Double-click the icon and choose video settings from the drop down menu box. You should be able to see the option for QuickTime Safe Mode there.
Posted by: rmelone

Re: Alida crashes - 08/28/04 05:32 PM

I changed the QuickTime setting as suggested but still have the same problem.

I tried changing the transition speed and water motion with no affect.

I get the error in the same place now - in the Conservatory when either changing the knob position or moving the white marble on the guitar model.

Once in a while the error occurs in MODNAME: QUICKTIME.QTS as well as NTDLL.DLL.

Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Alida crashes - 08/29/04 12:37 AM

I don't know what it would be unless there's a problem with a defective file. The person who made the game might have a better idea - or maybe he'd at least know which file it would be. Try the email on this page

Don't forget to change the * to an @ in his email address. He seems to have set it up that way to cut down on spam.
Posted by: rmelone

Re: Alida crashes - 08/29/04 09:30 AM

I forgot to mention in my first note that I had sent a note to the Alida game support people and this morning I received a reply with some questions for me to answer. They seem to feel it could be a conflict between QuickTime and either my sound or graphics card.

I'll post back with any results in case someone else has a similar problem.

Posted by: Becky

Re: Alida crashes - 08/29/04 09:51 AM

rmelone -- did you install the version of Quicktime that came with the game?
Posted by: rmelone

Re: Alida crashes - 08/29/04 01:32 PM

I didn't install the QuickTime that came with the game beause I already had the same version installed.

Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Alida crashes - 08/29/04 03:56 PM

Try changing the QuickTime settings for Sound Out from Direct Sound to Wav Out.
Posted by: rmelone

Re: Alida crashes - 08/31/04 03:05 PM

Changing the QuickTime Sound Out didn't make any difference.

In my e-mail to Alida support I mentioned where the problem was -

when I'm in the Conservatory and turn the knob or triangle device to move the white marble on the 'guitar' model.

I then wrote that I was able to advance beyond this point by using a different PC and copying the saved games back to my original PC and, as of now, I'm still able to play the game.

They wrote back:

I'm investigating this one as I've had other reports. It seems it may be occurring only in that one area so I hope you can continue to enjoy Alida.

Posted by: tigger

Re: Alida crashes - 08/31/04 03:42 PM

It crashed on me today too.. had only been playing for a little while and I was in one of the huts fiddling with a thingy with 3 buttons on. I think I pressed the buttons too quickly and it got itself in a knot.... Will go back and play some more tonight and see if it happens again!! Oh and I will remember to alter the sound settings, I hadn't done that smile
Posted by: Rice burner

Re: Alida crashes - 09/03/04 02:21 AM

For those of you playing Alida on XP, there is a patch posted on the website . I was having the same problems with crashing and sent information to Cos. He has fixed the problem. What a guy!!! thumbsup Thanks Cos.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Alida crashes - 09/03/04 12:36 PM

Thanks for letting us know about the patch, Rice Burner.

For those looking for the patch, you go to the Alida wesite (Rice burner has the link for it), choose
Support from the top of the page, then choose the underlined Windows link. There is a list of possible problems on that page, with their solutions. One is a link to the patch.
Posted by: rmelone

Re: Alida crashes - 09/03/04 03:13 PM

For those who want to link directly, here it is:

Posted by: Melanie1

Re: Alida crashes - 09/04/04 03:58 PM

I applied the patch and am still crashing, so it didn't do the trick for me. frown I'm going to go check out the support page now.

I just crashed again on the bird puzzle in the cabin.

Posted by: Melanie1

Re: Alida crashes - 09/04/04 04:03 PM

There wasn't any info there that applied, so I guess I'll send Cos the error message next time it happens.