Black Dahlia

Posted by: kjos

Black Dahlia - 02/10/05 04:32 PM

Is there any way I can run Black Dahlia on my win xp? Thanks Richard
Posted by: Lagavulin

Re: Black Dahlia - 02/10/05 05:47 PM


Yes there is!

Check this out
Inferno\'s Win XP Setup for Black Dahlia

I've used it myself.

Cheers luck
Posted by: kjos

Re: Black Dahlia - 02/10/05 07:26 PM

Thank you so very much.
Posted by: deathofrats

Re: Black Dahlia - 03/04/05 03:43 PM

I have been trying to load Black Dahlia without success. is it possible to play it on windows 2000 pro ? I get failure readings on the disc yet there are no scratches and I can access all the files in explore. When I try to load it through DOS it asks for vesa drivers. Will following your XP advice help? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by: infernoj13usa

Re: Black Dahlia - 03/04/05 04:39 PM

Try downloading a vesa driver from scitech.

If that doesn't work, try using DOSBOX. Have a look at the very first thread for more info on DOSBOX

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Re: Black Dahlia - 03/04/05 04:55 PM

Thanks Ill give that a try and let you know.
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Re: Black Dahlia - 03/05/05 10:23 AM

I loaded and set up DOSBOX with no problem. But when I begin the Black Dahlia dossetup command it lets me detect and test the sound card but when I continue from there,there is a momenteary flash of the next page and the program kicks me out to the dos prompt. Any ideas?

Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Black Dahlia - 03/05/05 01:24 PM

Try asking on the VOGONS forum

or over in Quandary forums

I've never heard of anyone using DOSBox to play Black Dahlia and I'm not sure it's possible.

I also don't know if Black Dahlia will work in Win 2000's compatibility mode either. It isn't as sophisticated as the compatibility mode in XP. But if you want to try it, here are a couple of links telling how to activate it.;en-us;279792
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Re: Black Dahlia - 03/05/05 04:07 PM

Slooowly I turned, step by step!! Inch by inch!!
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Re: Black Dahlia - 03/05/05 05:01 PM

Finally success! I enabled win 2000 compatibility mode and sent the install windows icon fron the CD to the desktop, enabled the now desktop icons 95 compatibility tab and everything seems to be running OK though the video opening seems a tad jerky. Thanks inferno and Jenny for your advice.
H Houghton
Posted by: infernoj13usa

Re: Black Dahlia - 03/05/05 07:47 PM

There's a patch for Black Dahlia, be sure to use it.
This is what it helps with:
1. Unsupported RGB Mode error.

2. Random crashes (associated with setting music
volume to zero).

3. Rune (gem) puzzle bug. Note: type the word 'RESET'while in the puzzle interface if the puzzle is currently 'broken'.

4. Trouble with people not returning objects to you.

5. Load file error when restoring game (after CD 6).

6. Full subtitle support. To enable, edit the BD.INI in the directory where you installed the game. In the [options] section, edit the line: 'subtitles = 0' to read 'subtitles = 1'.

Before you begin this game, I strongly suggest you utilize a slowdown