Gabriel Knight :The Beast Within

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Gabriel Knight :The Beast Within - 08/27/03 05:55 PM

I have WindowsXP and I can't get this game to install. <img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" /> I can't do the compatible thing until it is installed, right? I had this problem before but I can't remember how it was solved.I get Disc may be corrupted thing.Can anyone help me with this? I shall be so grateful. Thank you. Luv, Joanie
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Re: Gabriel Knight :The Beast Within - 08/27/03 06:04 PM

Hi Joanie,
Here you go. This should help you.
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Re: Gabriel Knight :The Beast Within - 08/27/03 07:01 PM

you can right-click on the installer to put it in compatibility mode. that might help. rather than trying to install from the autorun screen (the screen that pops up when you first insert the disk), right click on your CD drive and select Open, then right click on setup.exe (for the windows version) and select properties / compatibility.

also, how are you trying to install it? this game has both DOS and windows versions on the same CD... if you can't get one to install, try the other one. I've been able to run both on XP (had to use VDMSound with the DOS version; had a special weird issue with the windows version that i managed to work around, but i've never run into anyone but myself who had that particular problem...)

post back here if inferno's setup doesn't help, and i'll see if i can help you.

smile emily
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Re: Gabriel Knight :The Beast Within - 08/27/03 07:20 PM

Hi Rusty, Thanks! My game does not automatically start the install. How do I find the audio and video acceleration? I don't understand how come Inferno could install it so easily. Any more ideas? Please?! Thanks for your help.Luv,Joanie
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Re: Gabriel Knight :The Beast Within - 08/27/03 07:31 PM

Hi Emily,
Thank you for helping. We must have posted at the same time. When I clicked open on my CD drive, I got the message "Disc is not formatted.Windows cannot read from this disc". what do you think?
I appreciate any help at all. Thanks, Luv, Joanie
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Re: Gabriel Knight :The Beast Within - 08/27/03 09:28 PM

Is this the Beast Within version that came with the GK Mysteries Collection? I've read that some game CD's from the GK Mysteries Collection were defective.

You should be able to see files on the CD in Windows Explorer. If you can't, try looking at it in Explorer on another computer.
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Re: Gabriel Knight :The Beast Within - 08/28/03 12:44 AM

inferno seems to have incredibly good luck with a lot of games. i suspect she has some magic combination of apps installed on her machine. one of the problems with getting old games working (on any OS, but XP especially) is that there are an infinite number of ways that people can have their machines set up, and one little thing can keep you from getting it working!

you said you had this problem before... was it with this same copy of GK2? it sounds like the computer can't read the CD, which could mean the CD's gone bad. if you've just gotten the game and haven't used it on any PC yet, i'd say you may have gotten a mac version -- there's no clear indication on the jewel case or CDs if it's for PC or mac, and the manual tells how to install both so some people (and ebay sellers) think it's a hybrid, when it's not. however, i have a mac version and when i pop the CD in i get a different error message (it just says "Please insert a disk in drive E:").

if you are able to open it on another computer, then it might be a problem with your CD drive.

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Re: Gabriel Knight :The Beast Within - 08/28/03 09:33 AM

Hi Joanie39!
Originally posted by joanie39:
My game does not automatically start the install.
If you have "auto start" disabled, the CD will not automatically start. Some game like this function some do not... I have found for my system that GKII will install either way ... however, for the setup that I wrote I utilized the "auto start" format.

How do I find the audio and video acceleration?
Need to Change your Display or adjust your Video and Audio Acceleration Levels?

No problem.

To change your Display: (to 800X600 and 16bits for color, for example) Right Click-->on the Desk Top-->Properties-->Settings-->Advanced--> Adapters--> Display All Modes-->Choose 800X600/16bits True Color/100Hz. Click OK.
To change your Video Accereration: Click Troubleshoot from the Tab at the Top--> (This is your Vidio Hardware Acceleration) -->Move the slider to the right or left depending upon which effect you wish to take place... Click Apply Click OK-->Click Ok once more to close Display Properties.

For the Sound: Go to-->Start-->run-->Type: DXDIAG-->up comes your DirectX Control Panel. Let it load and then select Sound. Move the slider as you wish to achieve the effect or correct the problems with your game.

Of course always remember to click apply click ok as the case may be and restart your system.


I don't understand how come Inferno could install it so easily.
Heeheeheee! Who ever said that I find this easy?
I try different things and I take notes. When I find something that works for me on my system then I write the Setup Walkthrough for that particular game.

Also I found that after I used the Service Pack update from MS deleted some of the needed .dll files from my system's NTDVM (XP's own DOSBOX) I did put up an article about how you can tell if your system is missing any of the system files. It's on my site in the section called The Library. You'll be able to find it there once I get my site back up.

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Re: Gabriel Knight :The Beast Within - 08/28/03 10:59 AM

wanted to add one thing -- joanie, the message you're getting makes me think this is *not* an XP problem, but a problem with either the CD or the CD drive. so i'd try to use the CD on another computer before you try the things inferno suggested... if the CD's bad, changing your audio and video acceleration isn't going to fix it!

laugh emily
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Re: Gabriel Knight :The Beast Within - 08/28/03 11:04 AM

I have to agree with fov. "Disk is not formatted" does not sound like any kind of compatibility error I've ever heard of. Sounds like bad code to me.
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Re: Gabriel Knight :The Beast Within - 08/28/03 11:52 AM

Hi All of you terrific people! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner but my Server was and still is down and my post this morning didn't work for some reason. At least now I can post. I tried going through DOS on my Windows98 but it didn't work. The small Manual with the game has install instruction for Windows95 and 3.1 and DOS and Mac.
I know this is going to sound strange even for me, but I can't find DOS in this XP computer. I found Command Prompt and started to follow instructions. I put D:and enter and this is what I got. The volune does not contain a recognized file system. Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and the the volume is not corrupted. What do you think?Luv, Joanie
P.S. In my Presario C: I found a square thing with Start CD and MS DOS Batch File 1kb on it. When I clicked on it, the screen went black and came right back again. I have no idea where DOS is!
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Re: Gabriel Knight :The Beast Within - 08/28/03 12:40 PM

it sounds like something's wrong with the disk. does it have any big scratches or smudges on it? you might try cleaning the CD with a cloth but i don't think it's going to help.

do you know anyone who has a mac? for curiosity's sake, i'd find out if it's a mac disk. at least then maybe you can trade or sell it to someone who can use it. many of the sierra CD games come with installation instructions for windows and mac in their booklets, even though the games were only for one or the other. the fact that GK2's disks don't indicate which version you have is a real flaw, IMO. (i have actually emailed ebay sellers about this before, to let them know that what they think is a hybrid isn't a hybrid... one guy pulled his auction because he found out it was a mac version, not a PC version.)

you can't find DOS in XP because XP uses a DOS emulator, not true DOS (in other words, you can't quit to a dos prompt the way you can in win98). the Command Prompt that you found is the only way to "do dos" in XP... however, if the disk were readable, you'd be able to install the DOS version by just double-clicking the install.bat (or .exe) file.

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Re: Gabriel Knight :The Beast Within - 08/28/03 12:54 PM

Thank you Emily, Rusty, Jenny, Inferno and BarcardiJim, for all your help and specially for all your patience with me. I really do appreciate all of you. :kiss: Luv, Joanie
Well at least my Server is back and I can get my e-mail again.First one? Spam of course!!! frown