DOS/windows 98

Posted by: Mome

DOS/windows 98 - 08/28/03 12:20 PM

I am getting ready to purchase some games from one of subscrbers to Gameboomers - Alone in the Dark 1-3, when I noticed she listed it for sale under "DOS/PC". Will these play on my computer? I have the Alone 4 & have no problem, but my daughter (my computer person) says she is not sure they will play. I have a HP 6835?
Posted by: MrLipid

Re: DOS/windows 98 - 08/28/03 12:50 PM

I have the first Alone in the Dark and it plays on Win98SE with no problems. I play it in DOS mode and it works just fine.
Posted by: Mome

Re: DOS/windows 98 - 08/28/03 02:05 PM

Stupid me - do I have a DOS mode and if so how do I pull it up?
Posted by: syd

Re: DOS/windows 98 - 08/28/03 02:17 PM

I loaded Alone in the Dark 1 in my W98 machine just now and it plays fine right from there - I didn't need to go into DOS mode. But if you want to play from DOS go to

Restart in DOS mode

But for the game to work you have to have your drives etc. loaded into DOS.