the longest journey

Posted by: dianne

the longest journey - 06/01/05 03:22 AM

i just got the longest journey and the game installed ok but it wont play so i looked on the back of the disk and it has two rings you can see them i was wondering maybe thats why it wont play ant help much appreciated thanks dianne
Posted by: Robert

Re: the longest journey - 06/01/05 03:32 AM

Hi Dianne , I've just started it too and am having difficulty. I can get to run but it keeps crashing . Here is a link to a possible solution .

Click here
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: the longest journey - 06/01/05 12:25 PM

The original UK version had the two rings.
They were part of the copy "protection" and shouldn't affect the game.

Are you running the game directly from the Game.exe file or from the Launcher? If you're using the Launcher, try the Game.exe.
Posted by: infernoj13usa

Re: the longest journey - 06/01/05 07:16 PM

Robert --- thanks for the tip

I'm going to add the link to the setup

Posted by: dianne

Re: the longest journey - 06/04/05 02:57 PM

the longest journey i took it in to the store where i bought it and they were very helpful they tried everything to get it to work and it didnt so they have ordered me the us version i thought that was really nice of them thank you for all your help might be awhile before it gets here but iam happy dianne
Posted by: mikeplay

Re: the longest journey - 06/06/05 08:10 PM

I am trying to play TLJ, the game loads and am able to play but when I make her walk and she goes to her first cutscene when she comes back out of cutscene I can only see her hair,arms and legs is there a way to correct this.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: the longest journey - 06/06/05 09:03 PM

Check here