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Posted by: Alkmouse

post mortem - 09/02/03 09:24 AM

Well....after a week of saving many friends and co-workers from "worms".....I decided to chill out with some "game time"...only to find out that Post Mortem is using my screen as a abstract canvas <G> others have complained, my cursor and characters leave a trail that completely hides everything on the's like Solitare after you win and the cards are being bounced all over the screen.....I have read all the "glitches" posts for PM and have a;ready tried them all....anything else someone can recommend???? When I access the "options" menu and change anything it stays there and I have to re-boot....I have tweaked my video settings ad nauseum <BG>........

My system....
AMD XP 2800+ Barton
512 Cosair XMS LL DDR PC3200
Asus A7N8X Deluxe MB
Xtasy GeForce Ti 4600 128mb video (current drivers)
Plextor 48/24/48 CD-RW
Toshiba 16X DVD
LogiTech wireless mouse and KB combo
all drivers and firmware are current

Posted by: Jenny100

Re: post mortem - 09/02/03 01:32 PM

Try reducing your graphics acceleration. Sometimes that helps get rid of cursor trails.


To change your Video Acceleration: Click Troubleshoot from the Tab at the Top--> (This is your Vidio Hardware Acceleration) -->Move the slider to the right or left depending upon which effect you wish to take place... Click Apply Click OK-->Click Ok once more to close Display Properties.
Other than that, different video drivers might help, though I'm not sure which ones would be the best.
Posted by: Alkmouse

Re: post mortem - 09/02/03 02:48 PM

Thanks Jenny for always being there....tried that...I can bring it down 2 notches before it tells me that I have no 3D and then the game won't run......even changed the "perfromance" tab on the Nvidia from High Performance to Quality......nothing seems to be helping.....opening cut scenes are flawless, but when the game starts, it literally keeps me from being able to play.....has anyone who has had this problem been able to get it to stop?

Posted by: BacardiJim

Re: post mortem - 09/02/03 02:54 PM

Alkmouse: I remember that cuestroker over at the TAC forum had the same problem. I can't remember his solution, but you might bop over there and send him an e-mail or PM.
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Re: post mortem - 09/02/03 08:00 PM

Thanks the risk of sounding dumb....what's TAC?????? <G>
Posted by: friedmonky

Re: post mortem - 09/02/03 08:02 PM

TAC = The Adventure Company. smile
Posted by: BacardiJim

Re: post mortem - 09/02/03 08:06 PM

Thanks for the translation, Rusty. Sorry, Alkmouse. blush
Posted by: Alkmouse

Re: post mortem - 09/02/03 08:38 PM

Duh...paint me embarrassed....thanks everyone <G>
Posted by: Alkmouse

Re: post mortem - 09/05/03 08:44 AM

Just an update.....loaned Post Mortem to a friend since I couldn't get it working properly....friend scratched 2nd disk.....friend replaced with a new Post Mortem meantime, I was cleaning up my system, found that Nvidia had indeed issued new drivers again (they seem to do that every few weeks :>), uninstalled Post Mortem and cleaned up my registry (I'm one of those wackos that enjoys that challenge:>)....disabled my virus program and every TSR running and re-installed now seems to run perfectly I am happy to report <VBG>....thanks to all....