Unable To "uninstall" Some Games

Posted by: GoGirl

Unable To "uninstall" Some Games - 03/01/06 09:05 PM

Hi: I would like to "uninstall" a few games I have from my "C" drive. However, when I go to "add/remove", a window pops up "unable to locate installation log file C: programs..the name of that game.. Uninstallation will not continue. I no longer have the disks for these games. Is there a way to go into the bowels of my computer to uninstall these things?

I have Win ME.

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GG help
Posted by: infernoj13usa

Re: Unable To "uninstall" Some Games - 03/01/06 11:26 PM

Siunds as though you ahve already uninstalled them --- WHat happens when you go to the game folder???
Posted by: GoGirl

Re: Unable To "uninstall" Some Games - 03/02/06 09:48 AM

HI Inferno: I went to my C drive --program files--there aren't any folders specfically related to those games. If I have already "removed" them, why are they still listed on my C-drive list?
Which gives me the impression they are still taking up space. Write when you can.


Posted by: Robert

Re: Unable To "uninstall" Some Games - 03/02/06 10:10 AM

The folders aren't removed from windows explorer on my system either , after I've un-install the games . I just manually delete them .
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Unable To "uninstall" Some Games - 03/02/06 05:05 PM

I think we're talking about 3 different things here

1. Listings for uninstalled games remaining in Add/Remove Programs
2. Folders for uninstalled games that you see in the Start/Programs menu
3. Folders you see when you browse your hard drive with My Computer or Windows Explorer.

Game uninstallers often leave folders full of saves and game settings on your hard drive, so #3 above is not abnormal. There's nothing really wrong with uninstallers leaving game folders behind, since some people want to keep their saves and you can always go in and delete them if you want.

Uninstalled programs SHOULD be removed from Add/Remove programs and the Start/Programs menu when you uninstall though. If they aren't, a registry cleaner like CCleaner may get rid of them. You can also get rid of stuff in the Start/Programs menu manually. They're found in
C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Start Menu/Programs

I think Tweakui will get rid of stragglers in your Start/Programs menu. Some links here
Posted by: GoGirl

Re: Unable To "uninstall" Some Games - 03/02/06 10:02 PM

Hi Again: My problem is linked to issue #1. How do I get "CCleaner" and what are the steps to use it?


Posted by: Robert

Re: Unable To "uninstall" Some Games - 03/02/06 10:36 PM


Just download and install it . Then open it and click on "check for issues" . Allow it to make a save of your registry before it fixes the issues .
Posted by: GoGirl

Re: Unable To "uninstall" Some Games - 03/03/06 11:03 AM

Thanks everyone! CCleaner worked. Would it be a good cleaning program to "run" every few months or so?

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