Posted by: RON Wright.1

Lighthouse - 09/08/03 01:51 PM

I am having terrible trouble in aligning:
a)The meter in the Temple. I get within a hairsbreadth of the "red line", but it won't accept it !
Linda says "EXACTLY" over the dividing line and she obviously means it ! So does Tom.Snr. in his w/t

b) Exactly the same problem with the crane.I line up the weight over the buoy but it will not drop.
I have put a straight edge dwon from the weight and it fits perfectly but WON'T drop !!!

Anybody help,please, otherwise it's curtains for 'Lighthouse'-enough is enough. This has to be the worst frustration yet.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Lighthouse - 09/08/03 02:33 PM

I'm not sure if this is a glitches problem or not.
And I don't know if these particular puzzles are sensitive to computer speed, the way a certain puzzle in Journeyman Project Turbo was (if your computer was too fast, it would skip over the place you were aiming for).

If you think the problem might be related to computer speed, you might try a CPU slowdown program.

It's been so long since I played Lighthouse that I don't even remember the places you're describing. I have some old saves, but I don't remember what exact part of the game they're from. The saves include a .cat file along with the saves themselves. The saves won't work without the .cat file. So if you want to use them, be aware of this. Sierra made it very inconvenient for players to send saved games.

The size of the zipped file is 1.3 MB. Let me know if you want me to email it to you. These are saves from the first half of the game.
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Re: Lighthouse - 09/09/03 09:19 AM

Thanks for your reply. Both problems prevent a)using the flying machine and b) the submarine so without one or t'other no progress !
You may be right about PC compliance. I run ME & Tom.Snr. had to supply a way of getting the Sierra game to accept the faster speed CPU. This sounds most likely. Sierra said they couldn't help at all, but Tom obviously found his local Texas site more helpful.
That said, where could I find a "slow-down program",
please,as it is worth a try.
In Linda's w/t it is on page 8 (of 26); for Tom's (I have both !) page 16 (of 32).
Do you think one of your saves would cover ?
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Lighthouse - 09/09/03 12:33 PM

One problem with the saves is that I might have done something you haven't - or vice versa - at the time that I saved.

Turbo is free and can be gotten here

That webpage also has some other slowdown apps.

There is also this page

And Inferno lists some here

including Turbo, CPU Killer, MoSlo, and Throttle.
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Re: Lighthouse - 09/09/03 04:51 PM

Thanks,Jenny, for your prompt reply.
I think I will try the slow down you mention.
Before I do, is this reversible.

I seem to have enough problems without unwittingly causing more !

In other words, this won't be a permanent "slow down", will it ?
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Lighthouse - 09/09/03 09:59 PM

They aren't permanent. With most slowdown programs you just close the slowdown program and your computer is back up to speed.

"Throttle" works in a different way than the others and you don't just shut off the program to regain your speed. I think you have to readjust Throttle, but I'm not sure. I haven't used "Throttle" myself, but I've used other CPU slowdown programs like Moslo and Turbo.
Posted by: RON Wright.1

Re: Lighthouse - 09/13/03 12:11 PM

I have managed to download Turbo in an effort to solve the too-fast CPU problem affecting Lighthouse.
Trouble is, my system demands TASK(2).ink which it needs to unzip the program,it says.
I would like to resolve this problem and complete L'house. Should I have a zip program ? I believe I may have cleared it a while ago. Can Zip be reinstated do you think. I can't find it anywhere. Sorry about all this Spent 2 hours yesterday with AOL but what they proposed just didn't work.Ah,me !
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Lighthouse - 09/13/03 01:46 PM

I have no idea what that TASK(2).ink is. Are you trying to open the zip file in your browser or are you downloading it first?

The zip file opens into 3 files:

They are small files, so let me see if I can email them to you.

Turbo.exe is about 90K
Turbo.hlp is about 22K
Readme.txt is less than 1K