Processor question

Posted by: burpee

Processor question - 09/14/03 08:14 AM

Is a PII300 more powerful than an Athlon 650? If a game needs a minimum PII300 (PIII800 recommended) should it run on the Athlong 650?
Posted by: syd

Re: Processor question - 09/14/03 08:30 AM

Nope, a PII300 is slower than an Athalon 650. The game may be a bit sluggish since an 800 is recommended and you may have to turn off some of the "fancy" features but it should play fine (that doesn't mean it "will" play fine - but it should) laugh
Posted by: burpee

Re: Processor question - 09/14/03 10:44 AM

lol thanks Syd smile
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Processor question - 09/14/03 01:45 PM

A 650 MHz AMD is comparable in speed to an 650 MHz Pentium.
It may be a little slower, but it's close.