Scratched disc

Posted by: Beerhead

Scratched disc - 04/14/03 03:26 PM

I just badly scratched Dark Fall disc and now it wont play.I was wondering if these discs can be repaired. frown
Posted by: DoreenS

Re: Scratched disc - 04/14/03 03:46 PM

For slightly scratched discs I use glass cleaner. I've read that toothpaste will repair them but I don't know if it will fix bad scratches. If the information is gone I don't see how anything will bring it back.
Sorry, not very helpful. smile
Posted by: BillyBob

Re: Scratched disc - 04/14/03 04:02 PM

I've seen "repair kits" for disks in the stores but I have no idea how well they work. Whatevr you do will depend, I imagine, on the depth and length of the scratch.

The advice, when simply cleaning a disk, is to rub from the center outward (or vice versa) but not in a circular manner around the disk. laugh
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Re: Scratched disc - 04/15/03 01:40 AM

i thought about repairing a cd once that was still readible. i remember the kit that i saw specifically said it repairs unreadible cd's. but a boomer here told me that those repair kits don't always work, so i gave up on the idea.

if i remember correctly, toothpaste smoothes out rough edges on plastic. my dad once buffed up the scratched head of a flashlight once with it, but i'm not quite sure if it'll do the trick on a cd.

Posted by: Beerhead

Re: Scratched disc - 04/15/03 07:12 AM

Well,thanks to all of you for your replys,but this disc is badly scratched and from what you tell me I dont think it can be repaired.Thanks again.
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Re: Scratched disc - 04/15/03 08:24 AM

My daughter's boyfried bought a DiscDoctor to repair the scratches on his Playstation discs. I had an old game Return to Krondor that I had tried and tried to install but because of a gouge (and were're talking deep gouge here) it wouldn't read it - I decided I had nothing to lose so decided to try the repair kit - guess what? worked like a charm. Took the gouge out and the game installed and played. I've used it numerous times since then on my software and my son's Playstation games and believe me I have gotten his money's worth laugh In fact I bought one of my own. Wouldn't be without it actually - it's saved me a bunch of money over the past year or so.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Scratched disc - 04/15/03 02:38 PM

With CD's, the stuff the laser reads is next to the label side of the CD, not the underside that is read through. A deep gouge will deflect the laser beam and cause a misread, but the data itself may still be intact.

I'm not sure where the data is on a CDR though. And I think Dark Fall came on a CDR.
Posted by: syd

Re: Scratched disc - 04/15/03 02:48 PM

Good point - guess I can make a copy on a CDR - scratch it up pretty good and try to repair it <g>
Posted by: Beerhead

Re: Scratched disc - 04/15/03 03:26 PM

Boy!!!you guys are so smart,and so helpful,many thanks.Anyway,one of the Boomers is going to send me another Dark Fall.This whole site is loaded with great people.
Posted by: infernoj13usa

Re: Scratched disc - 04/16/03 05:41 PM

If you live near a Compusa Store. They can regrind the underside mirror of the CD for you for 5.00.
If y'all remember my horrible nightmare with Ghosts and Simon 1 back in October, that's how I was able to completely fix it. (I had started with Colgate toothpast and it did remove most of the sratches except for one deep gouge.
Posted by: Jema

Re: Scratched disc - 04/17/03 01:51 PM

Inferno, about a year ago I tried Colgate toothpaste on an old CD that had a few surface scratches. It didn't harm the CD, but it also didn't remove the scratches. I must not have done it right. Please tell me how you did it.


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