Atlantis 1 graphics

Posted by: frazap

Atlantis 1 graphics - 05/15/03 03:47 PM

The graphics in this game is horribly distorted, like there's layer upon layer of everything. Suspects my Geforce card are to blame. Found a patch but no luck. I have the DVD-version but have tried the CD-version with the same problem. I'm on W 98.

Posted by: infernoj13usa

Re: Atlantis 1 graphics - 05/15/03 07:15 PM

Hi Frazap!

I don't know if this will help you ...but you never know. Take a look at my Setup Walkthrough for this game. Keep in mind I wrote it for WINXP but maybe the principles may be modified for your system. The most important thing is the Patch from Cryro.

Hope it helps you
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Posted by: Pokey

Re: Atlantis 1 graphics - 05/15/03 09:13 PM

It seems like I had to lower the graphics acceleration in order to get it to play correctly.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Atlantis 1 graphics - 05/15/03 09:26 PM

Try Pokey's suggestion. If you need instructions, check #7A of Mr. Bill's Troubleshooting Guide.
Posted by: frazap

Re: Atlantis 1 graphics - 05/16/03 01:16 AM

Thank you all!

I've already tried two different graphics acceleration settings without success.

Inferno: From what I read at your (excellent) page it's the patch I need since the graphics DO "appear split into 6 columns and extremely garbled". I found a patch yesterday that was supposed to be "fan-made" that didn't work. And the patch you link to at your pages is according to Cryo not compatible with the DVD-version. Will try it anyway since as far as I can see the DVD-version and the CD-version of the game installs the same files to the hard drive. Otherwise I guess I'll have to use my CD-version instead.

Thanks again!
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Atlantis 1 graphics - 05/16/03 12:43 PM

The patch I downloaded from

a few months ago was named AT3INT2.0.exe says:


so if that's the name of the patch you're using, it is for both the CD and DVD versions. And yes it's for Geforce cards.
Posted by: frazap

Re: Atlantis 1 graphics - 05/19/03 01:32 AM

Thanks Jenny, but the game I have a problem with is the first Atlantis game, and for that one Cryo states the DVD-version can't be patched. Haven't had the chance to try yet.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Atlantis 1 graphics - 05/19/03 01:10 PM

Sorry. I guess I'm confusing threads.
I think the DVD version of Atlantis I was prepatched.