Atlantis 3

Posted by: HattieKay

Atlantis 3 - 05/17/03 06:18 AM

I have installed Atlantis 3 but when i double click to play, I just get a blank screen and the first couple of notes of the music over and over.I have changed my resolution to 1024x768 and made sure I closed down all my programmes except explorer and I have reinstalled it but I still can't play it> Im running windows ME with directx 8 display is compaq MV740 on NVIDIA Geforce 2 MX -whatever that means! Please help me but I'll need ....syllable.....not very technical!!!
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Atlantis 3 - 05/17/03 09:37 AM

You need to change your resolution to 1024x768 within the game options and not your desktop resolution. The game automatically changes your resolution. But the default resolution the game shows is 800x600 unless you change it in the game options.

If you can't even get into the game to change the settings, you have to edit the Atlantis3.cfg file that is in
C:\Program Files\Cryo\ATLANTIS 3\Datas\

There is also a patch you can get which is supposed to improve compatibility with Geforce cards. You can get the patch here
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Re: Atlantis 3 - 05/17/03 10:13 AM

OK! I've found a patch and downloaded it - do i uninstall atlantis then open the patch and then reinstall or do i just open the patch? Also went to programs\cryo\ATLANTIS3\datas but found nothing saying atlantis3.cfg - how do I edit it?? because no - I can't even get into the game - it freezes up as it launches the dreamcatcher logo - sorry to be so untechnical but please help further - I really want to play this game!!
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Atlantis 3 - 05/17/03 12:12 PM

Always install the game before you patch it. Otherwise there will be nothing there to patch.

I can email you an Atlantis3.cfg file from my game. The file may not be created unless you change the defaults through the game menu so that may be why you don't have one. But if you can't access the game menu you have to get the file from elsewhere. So I'll email you mine.
Posted by: HattieKay

Re: Atlantis 3 - 05/18/03 06:40 AM

Well Thanks Jenny ....that's better happydance ......but only just! rolleyes I have installed patch and copied cfg file and I can now get past the dreamcatcher logo and play the whole of the intro without a hitch - looks fantastic by the way - her hair!!!!!But....that's it. As soon as I move at all it freezes completely - cursor disappears and everything. I have tried panning then clicking...trying to surprise it etc! etc! lol I was able to get into the options screen and changed the resolution to the highest and the lowest but this has made no difference. Any ideas? <img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" />
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Atlantis 3 - 05/18/03 02:07 PM

I played it using a Geforce 2 TI video card at full acceleration. I had my sound card set to next to next to no acceleration because the sound card I had at the time wasn't fully compatible with DirectX.

Anyway, you might try those acceleration settings - full for video card and next to lowest for sound card.

Another thing is that I didn't have the latest DirectX or video card drivers. I had DirectX 7a and (I think) version 38.82 of the video card drivers from December 2002. So the next thing to try would be a different version of the video card drivers. If you already have the latest ones and they aren't working, you might try other drivers from the NVidia website. If you're not using the latest drivers, you might try those first.

Latest drivers for Win 98 here

Older drivers are here

The drivers I used (30.82) say they are "WHQL Certified" which is why I used them.

By the way, you said

Im running windows ME with directx 8 display is compaq MV740 on NVIDIA Geforce 2 MX
Compaq MV740 seems to be your monitor.
Geforce 2 MX would be your video card.
Posted by: HattieKay

Re: Atlantis 3 - 05/21/03 05:33 AM

hoe do i t5ry those acceleration settings?
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Atlantis 3 - 05/21/03 12:31 PM

Check Mr. Bill's Troubleshooting Guide at

under #7 for instructions at how to change graphics (hardware) and audio acceleration.