Help with MYST

Posted by: walt

Help with MYST - 05/25/03 02:54 PM

Can anyone help....I have the first MYST and find that it will not play on my
Win 98 SE computer 300Mhz clock crash's back to the Desktop.
and tells me that the Screen colours or such like were not correct...I have tried
everything but to no avail....yet it will run perfectly on my other 133Mhz
Win 95 Computer. It seems to set the screen okay on play.
Is there a patch I can use for the Win 98 SE machine. ???
On the Win 98 SE Machine I have a Sound Mixer card and on the Win 95
machine it is a Sound Blaster Card and a 3D Dragon Graphics Card.
" Walt " City of Lincoln U.K.
Posted by: syd

Re: Help with MYST - 05/25/03 03:11 PM

Hi Walt

I just loaded the game into my W98SE 700 mhz machine and it plays just fine. Did you change the screen colors to 256? I didn't have to but read in the readme file that it is recommended.

It could also be your sound card that the game doesn't like. My machine has a SB Live in it.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Help with MYST - 05/25/03 03:25 PM

What Syd said. Try reducing your screen resolution to 640x480 and your colors to 256 colors before starting the game. I don't remember if I had to do this or not.

If you think your sound card is creating problems, you could try reducing your audio acceleration.

What video card do you have on the 300 MHz computer? If it is a fast one, you might want to reduce graphics acceleration.
Posted by: walt

Re: Help with MYST - 05/25/03 05:22 PM

I have just tried to load Myst again on the 98 SE machine......both with and without changing the display .,..changed to 256 colours and 640 X 480....The game loaded or
at least told me that the installation was successful....
I then tried to run the game with and with out the 256 colour and the 640 X 480 and I got the same
First a message came up and said that an Error had occured and I clicked Ignore but had to close the error message....then the screen turned to some wonderful mixed up colours and the mesage " That this program had performed an illegal operation and would close down "
And, the Darn CD Drive would not open and the only left to do was a Warm Boot.

Machine specs.....Win 98 SE...300Mhz Clock.....48 speed Atapi CD-R/ RW Drive.( This has now for some unknown reason decided to rename itself Drive "E" instead of "D"....Display card is
S3 ViRGE PCI (325) (Display adapter)..SiS6326 (display adapter)...Plug and Play Monitor....
Multimedia OPTi Plug-N-Play sound system...Wave device for Voice Modem....Ethernet Card for the Broadband Box.
Dont know if any of the above is to blame.

" Walt " City of Lincoln U.K.
Posted by: syd

Re: Help with MYST - 05/25/03 08:13 PM

Hi walt -

I read the readme file and it gives something to try for those who have an S3 video chipset. I have no idea if this will work but it's worth a shot and you can always change it back. Do this:

Control Panel
Look for an Icon with QuickTime 32
Click on it
Click on More botton located at the botton
Click on Video tab up top
Look under Current Video Settings - Draw Method
If Video Hardware is highlighted - arrow down to Video Driver
Click apply and close it out
Now try to start the game.

Make sure to change it back to Video hardware if this doesn't work or if it does, when you're done playing Myst because it could louse up other games.

(Come to think of it - this could also be the same as reducing your hardware acceleration to None)
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Help with MYST - 05/25/03 08:32 PM

Also, make sure you're using the version of QuickTime that came with the game. It should be QuickTime 2.12 or something like that. Later versions won't work.
Posted by: walt

Re: Help with MYST - 05/26/03 05:27 AM

Hi Jenny
Thanks for the help.....But, I followed your instructions to the letter with the same results as my former description......So later today I will connect my other Computer and do a cross check on the various settings/setup etc.
The following were the results of your suggestions......
After clicking Quicktime 32......
Settings on first page showed me that my OS was "Win95 (Win 4.10) Build" Win 98 SE way for me to alter that.

Under MORE.....
The first part "Settings" showed...Video Settings (Highlighted) SVGA Thousands of colors
800 X 600 Resolution.
Quicktime Support...NO Internal Hardware Support Available.
Video Description...S3VIRGE PCI (325)
Video Driver...VGA DRV. Version 4.10.0 1998

Under DRAW Method....
Only the following were present.....
Video Driver....This was highlighted
Bitmap (BMP)
Windows Bitmap (DIB)
Raw Bitmap (Raw)

There were NO other info/items/setttings etc anywhere in the Quicktime 32

I uninstalled MYST and made sure that the settings reflected your suggestions and 256 colors plus 640 X 480 Resolution and installed it again with the Quicktime version 2. something from the Disk....But, same results ...Mixed up colors and the Error Msg and then the Illegal Operation Msg......Oh well

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Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Help with MYST - 05/26/03 12:34 PM

Do you have more than one version of QuickTime on that computer? Illegal Operation Messages can come from conflicting versions of QuickTime. If you uninstall a newer version, make sure to uninstall "everything" to do with QuickTime even if it warns you not to. Otherwise it won't uninstall completely.
Posted by: walt

Re: Help with MYST - 05/26/03 04:35 PM

Thanks for the continuing help Jenny....I will be a bit busy for the next couple of days.
But will certainly check the versions of Quicktime before the weekend.
<amy Thanks again for your help.

" Walt " City of Lincoln U.K.