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Posted by: Llewton

Game specs - 01/22/04 12:15 PM

Many have been enquiring about what the game specs are so they will know whether their computers can handle the game before buying. None of the sites, Dreamcatcher included, has them. Can you enlighten us on this. Thanks.

Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: Game specs - 01/22/04 12:31 PM

I can answer this one - fresh off the "read me" file. laugh

Posted by: MDAMLADY

Re: Game specs - 01/22/04 01:39 PM

Good deal, I get to play it. Wheh! lol
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Game specs - 01/22/04 02:03 PM

[quote]Originally posted by gatorlaw:

Posted by: Philippe Gaude - Galilea

Re: Game specs - 01/22/04 02:12 PM

It's been tested on Athlon and Duron. Unfortunately I can't tell you about AMD K6.
Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: Game specs - 01/22/04 02:26 PM

That sounds reasonable. I am sure you test as many configs and systems as you have access to, but there isn't any way to guarantee a game will work on every possible system, graphic card and other setups.

I can say that so far I haven't encountered even a hick up with the game install or play.
Posted by: girlgeek

Re: Game specs - 01/22/04 03:25 PM

WOOHOO!!! I think my little Celeron can handle this one! I run Neverwinter Nights, Syberia, and Divine Divinity beautifully, and their specs were very similar.

Fortunately my graphics card (ATI Radeon 7000 32MB) and memory (192MB) EXCEED the reqs, so usually my little 366 Celeron can run games up to 500Mhz Pentium II without a hitch! Hopefully, the Pentium III thing won't snag me up this time. I've been waiting a LONG time for this game.
Posted by: Philippe Gaude - Galilea

Re: Game specs - 01/22/04 03:40 PM

There's quite a lot of graphic options anyway, you will probably find one that suits your computer !
Posted by: Funktion

Re: Game specs - 01/22/04 03:52 PM

Originally posted by Jenny100:
Or is the StarForce problem still mainly with the AMD K6 and K62 and not the Athlon?
It seems the game won't use StarForce copy protection:
Posted by: housewife

Re: Game specs - 01/23/04 12:59 AM

That is wonderful news Jenny100 that Jack the Ripper is does not have StarForce protection...

I am one of those people with AMD K-6 and until now the processor is not the problem it is the Starforce protection is the problem....I still have Black Mirror collecting Dust on my shelf, because can't get it to pass the Starforce protection part...anyway I pre-order Jack The Ripper and hoping that I am right about the StarForce protection being the problem...Once I get Jack the Ripper install or not, then I will know for sure what the problem is, whether is AMD processor or the Starforce...I am hoping I am right...crossing my fingers...

Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Game specs - 01/23/04 04:25 PM

Yes that is very good news.

I hope the game will also work on AMD K6 and K6-2,
since there are some of them that do meet and
exceed the 500 MHz requirement for processor speed.