Demo or new videos/screenshots?

Posted by: Funktion

Demo or new videos/screenshots? - 01/22/04 04:11 PM

Sometime ago someone from the Jack The Ripper team mentioned there was a demo for the game but it probably wouldn't be released for some reason (I believe it was because it was a very small section of the game, because they wanted to avoid spoilers, and the file was pretty big for the amount of playable content it provided).

I was wondering if there was any change of plans regarding the demo (will it be released?), or if you plan to release further promotional material like a new trailer in high quality (most videos I've seen had a small resolution) or screenshots, since the game is released next week?
Posted by: Philippe Gaude - Galilea

Re: Demo or new videos/screenshots? - 01/22/04 04:58 PM

I think there is a "Fan Site Kit" on the work, with screenshots and all. But basically you're right, everytime we got the same problem with adventure demos. No found any solution yet...
Posted by: Funktion

Re: Demo or new videos/screenshots? - 01/23/04 01:17 PM

Give us a few new gameplay videos while we wait... smile

I look forward to play the game.