Canadian Availability

Posted by: Susie07

Canadian Availability - 01/23/04 10:24 AM

Hi, Philippe!

Do you know offhand what Canadian software chains will be carrying "Jack the Ripper" so I can begin my quest? I assume that it will be available here in Canada at the same time as it's released in the States.


Posted by: Funktion

Re: Canadian Availability - 01/23/04 10:31 AM

I hope there's no delays. I plan to import the game from Canada... smile

By the way, the package is usually the same as the US one, right? I have a few canadian dvds and the covers are in French (not that it makes much difference).
Posted by: Philippe Gaude - Galilea

Re: Canadian Availability - 01/23/04 10:53 AM

Hi Suzie !

I don't know, but I've seen by my eyes other The Adventure Company games, including The Cameron Files, at least at CompuSmart, FutureShop and other shops I can't recall
Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: Canadian Availability - 01/23/04 11:04 AM

Found it listed at Compusmart for pre-order/order

Jack The Ripper Purchase

Posted by: Susie07

Re: Canadian Availability - 01/23/04 12:04 PM

Hi, everyone!

Thanks for your responses! I checked CompuSmart's website and found it available for preorder. We have a couple of CompuSmart stores here in Toronto, so I'm gonna give them a call to see if they're expecting it in next week. I'll also call EB because they usually get the games in first. Nothing, so far, on Future Shop's website.

Funktion, I checked a couple of my game boxes (The Omega Stone and Broken Sword 3) and both are in English. Since Canada is officially a bilingual country, I believe all DVDs must contain both the English and French versions.