game size

Posted by: Zanthia

game size - 01/25/04 04:07 AM

I don't think this question has been asked so here goes:

how many cd's are in the game and if it is more than one, can you do a full install and just have one cd in the drive. in other words NO DISK SWAPPING. If there is no full install, can you use multiple drives to prevent disk swapping.
Posted by: Philippe Gaude - Galilea

Re: game size - 01/25/04 10:38 AM

There are two CDs in the game, but full install is mandatory (1,6 GB), so you have no slowdown due to CD access. You can put any of the two CDs in the drive, the game will work.
Posted by: MDAMLADY

Re: game size - 01/26/04 12:56 PM

Great, then maybe it's a little longer in game play then some?