moving around

Posted by: tigger

moving around - 03/17/04 11:36 AM


Is it a purely point and click game or do we have to use the keyboard controls too?? Do we have to carry lots of stuff in the inventory??


Tig wave
Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: moving around - 03/18/04 10:44 AM

Valentine -

Yes you only need a mouse to play the whole game! And yes you have lots of stuff to carry in the inventory. smile
Posted by: tigger

Re: moving around - 03/18/04 11:34 AM

Whooppeee!!!! I love meeces to pieces!!


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Posted by: MDAMLADY

Re: moving around - 03/18/04 12:00 PM

Good deal! back to the old way and loving it.

Love lots of inventory too, Missed all the inventory in some of the newer games.
Posted by: housewife

Re: moving around - 03/18/04 12:25 PM

Great, just the mouse, love it.
Me too, love to carry lots of stuff in my purse.

Posted by: Salar of Myst

Re: moving around - 03/18/04 11:21 PM

Sounds great! I'll start my own museum at the end laugh
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: moving around - 03/20/04 03:04 AM

love lots of inventory too.

do items in your inventory have names or do you have to play guessing games as to what the items are.