Hieroglyphs & culture

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Hieroglyphs & culture - 03/17/04 02:59 PM

I enjoyed learning actual hieroglyphs in Riddle of the Sphinx. Will I learn more about Egyptian language &/or culture in this journey?

Thanks again!
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Re: Hieroglyphs & culture - 03/18/04 01:07 PM

[quote] Valentine Deltombe -

The whole story is based on egyptian legends and myths. And many events of the adventure refer to events which really happened in real History. The player will also discover some of the secrets of egyptian architects. He will understand egyptian beliefs and faith in the Pharaoh and in the Gods and he will experience magic practices.

Many puzzles refer to Egyptian myths and rituals, such as the ritual of four balls (in Ptah
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Re: Hieroglyphs & culture - 03/18/04 11:09 PM

cool!! thumbsup