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Posted by: gatorlaw

Answers posted - 03/18/04 10:32 AM

It seems that Benoit Hozjan and the rest of the team for TEP are indeed burning through the hours to make their release date and get this game out on the shelves and into gamer's hands.

They are reading the forum and sending me the answers via mail. I am also keeping them updated.

So the first set of answers (and it's a biggy) is posted for your interest. All your questions will be gotten to real fast now that we have this set up a bit better for them and for us.

He, and the rest of the Kheops group, wanted you guys to know how happy they are to see all the warm welcomes and to have this opportunity to give us all some inside info and answers before the game releases.

Enjoy yourselves smile
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Re: Answers posted - 03/18/04 01:33 PM

bravo Wow! I am waiting for this game! Now this is how things should be done by game developers. Then they can learn and evolve more efficiently. Better future gaming for all! This is a great example for other developers to follow.
And this site is the best and easiest to deal with. Not too many people posting silly posts with a lot of abbreviations that no one can understand nor is it an extremely esoteric site where only a few know what is really being discussed. I love Gameboomers and such game developers.
They chose a respected/respectful site! Thanks again to GB and game developers. You deserve a bow!
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Re: Answers posted - 03/18/04 11:35 PM

I like most of the answers too! bravo

Thanks for arranging this session, Laura! wave

Susan laugh