Story line

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Story line - 05/04/04 11:16 PM

Well let's toss a few questions out for tomorrow and get this dialogue started laugh

What can you tell us about the basic plot of Alida,
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Re: Story line - 05/05/04 09:08 AM

Alida (the theme park) was Juno's crazy idea, one of the band members from Alida. This idea excited the other guys - they had made so much money from their first CD that they decided to build it! Kivas, the band's manager, however, was not impressed. So, many months passed, the monstrous guitar was built but not without problems. Alida was taking up all their time and CD sales were waning, money stopped coming in. Complications from nasty deals began to bite back. They each decided to build separate vaults with bizarre mechanisms to protect their portions of the stash. The guys began to drift apart. Eventually, Alida was abandoned.
Fifteen years later, Kivas contacts all the guys requesting a meeting on Alida to sort things out. Arin leaves for Alida and is now missing ...
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I have been interested in the game since the first time I read this overview. I am truly intrigued laugh
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Some like something I'll be playing when it come out for the PC.