Posted by: tigger

Soundtrack - 05/05/04 11:01 AM

Have you used specially written music? Is it all one style or many and varied??


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Posted by: Cos Russo

Re: Soundtrack - 05/05/04 11:09 AM

The music soundtrack is original and underscores the gameplay, it enhances the mood and feeling of the environments and story. I will be producing a soundtrack from Alida soon.
Posted by: tigger

Re: Soundtrack - 05/05/04 11:11 AM

Even better news thumbsup

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Posted by: Fongo

Re: Soundtrack - 05/05/04 02:27 PM


Given the rock music aspect of the story-line, is there any music artists or songs that have particularly inspired you (in a general sense)?
Posted by: tigger

Re: Soundtrack - 05/05/04 03:47 PM

Plus, have you got anyone well known to play the tracks?? Rock and soundtrack made me think of Satriani as he did the Silver surfer music!!
Posted by: Cos Russo

Re: Soundtrack - 05/05/04 07:35 PM

Although Alida has a lot of music elements, no knowledge of music is required to play. Alida's story was not based or inspired by any music artists - in fact there is no reference to the genre of music that the Alida band played. The music that is heard in Alida is score, i.e. a movie soundtrack. The only famous person playing on the score ... is ... me! ;-)
Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: Soundtrack - 05/05/04 07:46 PM

You know you are fast becoming my favorite developer ever here at GB laugh
Posted by: Lucivee

Re: Soundtrack - 05/05/04 09:08 PM

Adventure gamers know how important it is to have music that enhances the mood as well as all those grinding, creaking, squeaking sounds that make the world come to life. Alida has it all, so make sure your speakers are in good shape to enjoy the aural side of the island.
Posted by: LadyKestrel

Re: Soundtrack - 05/05/04 09:17 PM

I still have that beautifully haunting music going through my head, Cos . I think a soundtrack CD is an excellent idea.
Posted by: Cos Russo

Re: Soundtrack - 05/05/04 10:07 PM

I can't wait to get into the studio to compile the soundtrack. I'll be including pieces that were written for Alida, but not in the game.
Posted by: tigger

Re: Soundtrack - 05/06/04 01:49 AM

Cos, ... creating games and an accomplished musician!! What a star smile