How linear?

Posted by: gatorlaw

How linear? - 05/05/04 07:50 PM

Is there a set order to progressing in the game or can you do what you will, when you will - and the game advances as obstacles/ puzzlements are breached?
Posted by: Cos Russo

Re: How linear? - 05/05/04 08:05 PM

From the start of play it will be obvious to gamers that they can wander around wherever they like and tackle any puzzles whenever they like. This was one of the most important factors to me, I wanted the gamer to be removed from their real world by Alida's visuals, sound and music. The gameplay is non-linear, although there is a natural progression to some of the puzzles. New places are revealed when you solve puzzles ...
Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: How linear? - 05/05/04 08:26 PM

This just gets better and better.

I really enjoy a self directed amble around a game world.
Posted by: MDAMLADY

Re: How linear? - 05/06/04 07:44 AM

Non-linear means possible dead-ends?

Let me get this clear:

If I solve puzzle B, then go to puzzle A for the 3rd time and then solve puzzle C; I can progress to next level?
Posted by: Cos Russo

Re: How linear? - 05/06/04 07:48 AM

I'm not sure what you mean mdamlady...?