Posted by: conmol

Independence - 06/01/04 02:01 PM

If there was anyone with the drive and talent and ingenuity to make an independent game, it would be you....I'm sure there are worldly money matters
such as a mortgage to pay...but how do folks do it? I mean, Jonathan Boakes has made a tremendous game in Dark Fall and will surely have a successful followup.
You mentioned having a game idea that Revolution was not interested in. Do you need alot of upfront money to cultivate it? Or do you prefer anyways, to have a team?
Posted by: Diamond

Re: Independence - 06/01/04 02:49 PM

thanks you for the incredible vote of confidence. Now, do you have a spare million you could let me have...

Here's a bit of background:

Some time ago I developed a very high level game idea based on my comic strip, Juniper Crescent. I presented it to Charles, but he wasn't interested. It was a long shot and don't blame him for wanting to stick with his own projects. I changed tack and turned the idea into the comic strip, The Sapphire Claw.

I have plenty of ideas that I'd like to turn into games, or ideas that I'd like to work into other people's games. When I could get regular money coming in (to pay the mortgage smile ) I intend to take those ideas to the next stage and perhaps work up a small demo.

In full production, working with a team is necessary because of the amount of work involved, and you certainly need a lot of money up front in order to employ the team. It's a wicked spiral...