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Stuff AND Things - 06/02/04 02:44 AM

Dear Genius,
This is a question which has been annoying me for a while now... How do you go about finding voice actors?
I have been preoccupied with the idea of doing voices for computer games since the age of about 7. I have done a lot of theatre work but I'm assuming you have to be experienced in other mediums too...
How exactly do you get invloved?
Oo, oo!
How do you decide on storylines and stuff? I've had this fantasy about having an adventure game in which you are trying to uncover the mystery of Anastasia Romanov's disappearance - Yes, Anastasia is my username because I'm completely obsessed by her, not because it's actually my name...
Ok, I'm going to leave you in peace now smile
Thanks for reading this long, scarily obsessive message.
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Re: Stuff AND Things - 06/02/04 02:59 AM

For BSTSD, we found our voice director first and used another company to sort out contracts. Between them they knew a lot of actors and agents and pulled together a lot of people for audition. All the actors were professionals and have worked in TV, film, radio or on the stage.

If you're interested in doing voice work you should contact all the outsourcing companies. People like Babelmedia, Air, Partnertrans, etc. (these are UK-based).

Storylines often start with something small like your Anastasia idea. If it fits the sort of game you want to develop you just expand from there. What actually IS the story? Who is the protagonist? The antagonist? The supporting cast? And so on.

Your Anastasia idea could be developed into something because you have a genuine historical mystery on which to build. This was something we were keen on with the Broken Sword games.
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Re: Stuff AND Things - 06/02/04 03:10 AM

That's great, thanks a ton.