BS3 and language

Posted by: metamorphium

BS3 and language - 06/02/04 03:57 AM

Cannot help myself but to ask. smile

In BS3 there is a part taking place in Czechia. My question is why the people there speaks russian? Is it some sort of connotation to state in Czechoslowakia till 1989?

Posted by: Diamond

Re: BS3 and language - 06/02/04 04:10 AM

Do they speak Russian? We gave some of them Eastern European accents, but I think they were vague enough not to be specifically locatable. I may be wrong, though, not being an expert on accents.

You also need to bear in mind that Susarro pulled his employees from a number of sources. smile
Posted by: metamorphium

Re: BS3 and language - 06/02/04 09:00 AM

Ah, yes they do speek russian. But before 1989 there were many Russian soldiers in former Czechoslowakia (especially living at castles which served as their bases) so I thought it has some deeper meaning. smile

Thanks for info.