Potential Opportunities

Posted by: conmol

Potential Opportunities - 06/02/04 07:42 AM

So, are there alot of opportunities in England for the kind of work you would like to do? A number of games development houses? What other types of things cross your mind? Say you got offers to work on a game, syndicated comic strip, cartoon or movie series? what would be the one thing you would jump for joy at the opportunity to do?
Posted by: Diamond

Re: Potential Opportunities - 06/02/04 07:57 AM

Winning the lottery! smile

All of the above.

I'm currently working on an idea for a TV comedy drama series.
I'm developing ideas for a novel.
I'd like to write a romantic comedy game.
I'd like to get Juniper Crescent syndicated.
The Sapphire Claw should be turned into a movie/TV series and a game.
I'd like to work on an epic RPG/Adventure.

Then tomorrow...
Posted by: conmol

Re: Potential Opportunities - 06/02/04 08:07 AM

I get tired going to the grocery store and the bank on the same day. smile

I hope you get lots of opportunities, you deserve it.
Posted by: Diamond

Re: Potential Opportunities - 06/02/04 08:37 AM


I just realised that I didn't answer the first part of your original question.

There aren't that many opportunities over here for full-time employment because so many companies have closed or are struggling. This is why I'm looking at freelancing, because I believe that I have the skill set which many companies could use for short periods.