What is in a name?

Posted by: Ditlihi

What is in a name? - 06/02/04 06:44 PM

I notice in Lure of the Temptress there is a barbarian named Ultar and in BS 1 the taxi driver in Syria is also named Ultar.Was there any reason why this name appears in two different games? Also where does the title Broken Sword come in? It does not appear any where I can see in BS 1.It appears in BS 2 in the title but no mention of it in the game and in BS 3 it only appears at the end of the game where you get a broken sword you get to kill the dragon.How did the use of the name come about?
Posted by: Diamond

Re: What is in a name? - 06/03/04 12:37 AM

Ultar was going to be one of those things that run through all of the games in some way, but we didn't follow it through. If you look in the original manual for Steel Sky you will see an "advert" for Ultar's Eatery. smile

The Broken Sword is mentioned at the end of BS1 - the sword of Baphomet - though it's not quite as clear as it could be. One of the reasons we devised the story of the third one the way we did was to address this in a small way. What we were saying with that was, it was George's destiny from the very beginning to do what he did in BSTSD. He just had to realise that destiny.

Before I joined Revolution, I was at a meeting with Dave Gibbons and Charles. Dave was looking through my portfolio and at one point said, "This will suit your ideas for Broken Sword." At which point I said, "The Poul Anderson book?" But there was no connection to that book, which is a fantasy novel. smile