Heaven's Hope updates!

Posted by: Carla

Heaven's Hope updates! - 06/01/11 05:46 PM

German company Mosaic Mask, developers of Heaven's Hope, has just revamped the Game Official Website.
In the website you will find a new trailer and you can listen to the game music by Pedro M. Camacho, the composer of the soundtracks of Vampyre Story and The Pirates of Vuju Island.

Heavens Hope is a 2.5D Episode-Adventure, telling the tale of Talorel, an “inadvertently” fallen angel candidate and stunt flying student. Relive a fantastic adventure from the fall to the re-ascension of Talorel in a colourful blend of humour and amusing horror. Find yourself in an emotional rollercoaster, get to know many quaint characters, learn about intrigues, the Spanish Inquisition, ever more weird places and rare mysteries. Get to know the charming protagonist and his extremely likable companions in a magical and animated world!

- original setting and ingenious story based on an idea by Seckin Ölmez
- over 12 hours of excitement and fun
- about 40 scary and wonderful screens designed by hand
- charming and sarcastic companions of the protagonist
- more than 25 droll inhabitants with own back-ground story
- different solutions and alternative endings
- decisions taken in the course of the game definitely alter the course of the story
- genuine multiplayer adventure by means of “join the game” function
- tutorial integrated in story
- solve quests and change your character
- cinema-style orchestral soundtrack by Pedro Macedo Camacho

According to Mosaic Mask, a demo will be released shortly and contacts with publishers are already in progress.
And don't forget to have a peep at Mosaic Mask website too! bravo

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Re: Heaven's Hope updates! - 06/01/11 06:05 PM

Thanks Carla!

Ana wave
Posted by: Mad

Re: Heaven's Hope updates! - 06/01/11 09:59 PM

I do like the sound of that, Carla, thanks smile
But is it yet another game being released in "episodes" think

Sometimes, the long wait we suffer between episodes can be rather daunting rolleyes
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Re: Heaven's Hope updates! - 06/02/11 04:05 AM

Carla sounds good thanks. yes
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Re: Heaven's Hope updates! - 06/02/11 08:39 AM

This looks interesting! I don't see anything about episodes, Mad. Where do you see it? I hope it's a full game too.
Posted by: Mad

Re: Heaven's Hope updates! - 06/02/11 12:28 PM

Hi JeanK smile

I saw it in Carla's quote : ....

"Heavens Hope is a 2.5D Episode-Adventure ...."


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Re: Heaven's Hope updates! - 06/02/11 05:28 PM

thanks for the links Carla. thumbsup
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Re: Heaven's Hope updates! - 06/03/11 07:16 PM

Ouch, thanks Mad. I guess I didn't read it closely enough. I'm not too fond of episodes myself.