MacGuffin’s Curse available on Steam in April

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MacGuffin’s Curse available on Steam in April - 01/24/12 04:23 PM

Brawson, the australian developer team behind Jolly Rover, declared “Best Australian Game” at the Freeplay Awards, announced their new game, MacGuffin’s Curse , a hilarious new puzzle adventure for PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad that will be available for download from Steam on April 12th.

"Swiping the Lupine Twine Amulet was supposed to be an easy heist.
But when I accidentally put it on, I ended up with incredible strength
and the worst body hair problem I’ve ever had."

Help Lucas MacGuffin (magician turned thief turned werewolf) through a compelling new comedy adventure from the rising indie stars behind Jolly Rover.

When MacGuffin bungles a museum robbery, he finds himself bound to an ancient amulet and suddenly fighting the urge to scratch himself. Using its powers to transform between man and wolf, he must sneak and smash his way through a mind-bending series of puzzles, bring down a terrifying criminal mastermind, and hardest of all, convince his daughter it isn't funny to fill the fridge with dog food.

This addictive puzzler inspired by classic Legend of Zelda dungeons, will win over casual and seasoned players alike. Gamers on the go can enjoy a quick, fun fix, with a seamlessly integrated hints system to keep them moving. And veteran adventure game fans will be hooked by the razor-sharp LucasArts-style dialogue, a treasure-trove of secrets and an engaging story.

With charming hand-drawn art, an eccentric cast of characters and insanely catchy music, players everywhere will be touched by Lucas MacGuffin's heartfelt, relatable struggle to stay away from fire hydrants.


• A compelling story brimming with humour, personality and heart.
• A huge cast of hilarious, well-developed characters.
• Swap between two characters, each with their own unique skills, to solve an inventive array of logical challenges in the style of the much-loved Zelda series.
• Playable casually in tiny bursts, or as a sprawling full-length adventure.
• Integrated help system and task tracking that cleverly eases the player along.
• No shoddy ports! MacGuffin's Curse is being developed simultaneously across PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad for seamless performance.
• Quirky, stylised top-down presentation suited to any platform and screen size.
• Quick-witted dialogue straight from the golden age of adventure games.
• A rich, compelling world - explore the surreal nightlife of an ancient carnival city in high-tech lockdown!
• A fun, immersive soundtrack destined to have players humming along!
• Unlockable comics, post-game challenges, Easter Eggs and developers' commentary to keep players coming back long after the credits roll.
• Cool hand-drawn art!

Brawsome is an independent game developer based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded by Andrew Goulding in 2008, they quickly developed a strong reputation for their humorous and accessible non-action games, bringing the spirit of classic point-and-click adventures to a modern audience.

In 2010 they found international acclaim with Jolly Rover - declared "Best Australian Game" at the Freeplay Awards - earning strong reviews and international retail distribution across five languages.

MacGuffin’s Curse won already Best Game Writing at the Freeplay Independent Games Festival in 2011.

You can visit the Official Website where you will find a Teaser Trailer and some screenshots.

Check the gallery here for the artworks. smile

And finally, you can read Becky's review of Jolly Rover HERE.

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Thanks Carla, great news!

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When I saw the headline "MacGuffin's Curse", I thought it was Mortimer MacGuffin from The Book of Unwritten Tales lol
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