Adventures on Mac/Apple?

Posted by: rmt

Adventures on Mac/Apple? - 07/26/12 07:40 PM

I should have a MacBook Pro with retina screen soon, I want to buy a few adventures to play on it, either from the hall of fame or ones not available on PC. What would you suggest? I prefer to download. Neither Steam nor Gog seems to sell any. Any useful links?
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Adventures on Mac/Apple? - 07/26/12 07:48 PM

Check Coladia, which does Mac ports of PC games.

Also Big Fish has a few adventure games for Mac. Hotel, Kaptain Brawe 1, Syberia parts 1 and 2 of the first game (I think there will be 3 parts in all), and Legend of Crystal Valley.

HerInteractive has developed Mac versions of their recent Nancy Drew games (Trail of the Twister and later).

The RHEM games have Mac versions, though I think only RHEM 3 and 4 work with the current Mac OS.

LadyK will be your best resource on Mac games.
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Re: Adventures on Mac/Apple? - 07/26/12 08:08 PM

This Coladia website is excellent, thanks Jenny. Strange that the Microïds and the Anuman websites don't sell the Mac versions of their games, they were my first stop.
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Re: Adventures on Mac/Apple? - 07/27/12 03:33 AM

Macgamestore has some adventure games ( Some even DRM-free.

Beware a bit of the Anuman ports of some classic PC games though. They have, to a variyng degree, made changes to the actual gameplay, and not always for the better. Seems they try to make the games more suited for the casual audience.

I recently played the Anuman Mac version of Amerzone for example. It was beautiful, with the movies apparently taken from the PC DVD version, but some in-game graphics were altered, puzzles were simplified and there is a hot spot indicator that is always active. Makes the game feel very lightweight. I liked the PC version a lot better, despite the pixel hunting problems.
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Re: Adventures on Mac/Apple? - 07/27/12 03:41 AM

Originally Posted By: Jenny100
The RHEM games have Mac versions, though I think only RHEM 3 and 4 work with the current Mac OS.

The versions of the first two games currently sold by Knut Müller himself or Runesoft in Europe work on MacOS 10.6. I played them on my iMac with Snow Leopard. Don't know about 10.7 (Lion) though.
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Re: Adventures on Mac/Apple? - 07/27/12 01:03 PM

I'd buy VMware and install Windows 7. Best of both worlds!!

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Re: Adventures on Mac/Apple? - 07/27/12 02:23 PM

No need for an emulator, I still have my PC and could not survive without it...

Thanks frazap for the great link. Also, I am aware of the transformation of some Anuman games into casual ones, I was shocked with Paradise (Last King of Africa) on the iPad, but I played the game to death on the PC so the radical change was welcomed.
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Re: Adventures on Mac/Apple? - 07/31/12 06:09 PM

The Coladia ports seem to be good, and they were having a sale recently in which I got a bunch of the games.

The Anuman port of the Egypt game I tried was poor - missing images at one or two points, didn't like the way they had done the hotspots and cursors (presumably done that way for the iPad?)

Machinarium and Botanicula run on the Mac.

The third Journeyman Project game has been ported to OSX. There's Dark Star too.
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Re: Adventures on Mac/Apple? - 08/01/12 07:50 PM

Once you have your Mac, you'll have access to the Mac App Store (it's installed with the operating system). There are several adventure games available there. Age of Enigma Special Edition (has an extra puzzle that's not in the PC version), Jolly Rover, MacGuffin's Curse, Botanicula, and the Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2 Special Editions are some that come to mind.

Also, most of Telltale's games are available for Mac, and if you buy through their website you get access to both the PC and the Mac downloads.

AGDI's King's Quest and Quest for Glory remakes are available for Mac (and they're free downloads!)

Adventure Gamers is tagging games by platform now. If you look here you'll see recent articles about games available for (or coming to) Mac. And you can also search by platform and release year to find recent ones.
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Re: Adventures on Mac/Apple? - 08/03/12 07:29 PM

I'm currently playing Amerzone on my iPad. The good news is that the 3 parts are only 99 cents each. But the bad news is that it is a very watered down version of the original game. My first disappointment came when I found I couldn't go out on the balcony on the top of the lighthouse. That view in the PC version took my breath away - and slightly dizzy. Many other puzzles have been eliminated, and the bright green dots for the hot spots take a lot of the challenge out of it.

Anyway, I still think it's worth $2.97 for the whole game and the trip up the river is fun and relaxing.
Posted by: LadyKestrel

Re: Adventures on Mac/Apple? - 08/05/12 02:20 PM

The first 2 out of 3 parts of Syberia are now available from Big Fish. I started the first section, which runs just fine (no hot spot indicators) but since I've never played the PC version, I have no point of comparison. Still, I'm grateful to have it. grin The Legend of Crystal Valley is also available there.

I use the Mac Game Store quite often and have gotten most of the Kheops games there. I've played and liked Secrets of DaVinci: The Forbidden Manuscript. I play them on my iMac in 10.6.
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Re: Adventures on Mac/Apple? - 08/11/12 09:23 PM

Botanicula is number one of all the games sold on the mac app store at the moment, and Machinarium is 18... In their case it was certainly worth transferring to the mac.

I have downloaded them but I did not have a chance to play them yet. I hope the definition is as good as the images in the store, I just can't believe how wonderful this retina screen is. It brings a whole new dimension to adventure gaming.

Thanks everyone for all your help, keep the suggestions coming please, I'm building my new library smile
Posted by: LadyKestrel

Re: Adventures on Mac/Apple? - 08/11/12 11:31 PM

The Book of Unwritten Tales is now available for Macs as well. I'll be getting it soon.
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Re: Adventures on Mac/Apple? - 10/31/12 09:09 PM

Coladia is having a 50% discount on all the Microïds/Anuman Mac games for Halloween. It ends on 1st Nov 2012.

I just bought the Secrets of Da Vinci, Nostradamus the Last Prophecy, Still Life 2, Destination Treasure Island and Secret of the Lost Cavern.

I bought directly from them although the discounts are reflected on the Mac App Store (except for Nostradamus). If you buy from Apple they collect 30%, plus updates are perhaps not so instant.

If I had more money I would have bought Cleopatra a Queen's Destiny, Return to Mysterious Island 1 & 2, and Dracula 3 the Path of the Dragon. Not so sure about buying a part 1 of The Fall Trilogy chapter 1 Separation. I prefer whole games and I hope what I bought are whole games.
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Re: Adventures on Mac/Apple? - 11/01/12 08:21 PM

Thanks for the info, rmt! wave
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Re: Adventures on Mac/Apple? - 11/23/12 08:38 AM

Coladia is having their sale again for Black Friday, it is on now, the same for Mac Game Store. The later has all the Nancy Drew on Mac at $6.99 each including The Deadly Device. Amerzone, Atlantis 2 and 3 as well. Dear, dear, dear...